Of the Paladins, the knights of the Light

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Of the Paladins, the knights of the Light

Post by Paw » Wed Jan 02, 2019 11:31 am


Founded during the Second War, the paladins were a holy order of warriors whose purpose was to defend and shepherd the war-torn populace of Lordaeron. The Archbishop Alonsus Faol had perceived that the pious Clerics of Northshire, who had suffered such terrible attrition in the First War, were ill-suited for the dangers of combat. Along with many of the surviving Clerics of Northshire, he sought those of only the greatest virtue among the knighthood of Lordaeron and tutored them in the ways of magic. Led by the crusading Uther the Lightbringer, it now rested upon the new paladins - christened the Knights of the Silver Hand - to heal the wounds sustained in combat and to restore faith in the promise of freedom from orcish tyranny.

Although the paladins were once loved and revered throughout the lands of Lordaeron, by the time of the Third War, they had since fallen into hard times. The entire Order of the Silver Hand was disbanded for refusing to kill innocent townsfolk who were believed to be contaminated by the dreaded Undead plague during the incident at Stratholme. Disenfranchised and driven from their former homes, the paladins still worked selflessly to protect humanity from the gnawing jaws of evil.

Many paladins traveled to quarantined lands to ease the suffering of those left within the plague-ridden colonies, but although the paladins were immune to disease of any kind, they were persecuted by the general populace who believed that they had been infected by the foul plague. Some of these paladins traveled to Northrend. When they finally reached Ner'zhul's icy fortress, embittered by the trials they had to suffer through, they had become dark and brooding. The Lich King offered them untold power in exchange for their services and loyalty, and they accepted to become death knights to his service.

Paladins haven't always worked within the realm of the good but as long as their beliefes wouldn't falter the Light didn't deny its powers from them.
Following the invasion of the Scourge, many of the order's paladins joined a zealous group of followers of the Light known as the Scarlet Crusade. However, many of these paladins have become fanatical towards their ambition of destroying the Scourge, to the point that those not wearing their colors are deemed corrupted. After leaving the Crusade, some paladins decided to join the Argent Dawn. Some paladins have also turned from the light and joined Arthas Menethil as death knights.

Others fled south, to the Kingdom of Stormwind. The paladin order, still referring to themselves as the Order of the Silver Hand, now thrives under new leadership at the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind City. Over time, the followers of the Holy Light spread their philosophy to the dwarves of Ironforge, who soon adopted the tenets of the order as well. Though decimated, the Knights of the Silver Hand eventually bounced back.

Whereas Arthas due to his inner conflict regarding his cause was indeed just lost his connection to the Light after battling evil in untold measures.
Something similar worth mentioning happened to Tirion Fordring after he defended the orc Eitrigg from his fellow humans. Uther the Lightbringer performed a ceremony to strip him of his powers and banished him from the Order of the Silver Hand. However the ceremony failed, and while Tirion accepted his sentence of exile, he retained his paladin powers.

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Re: Of the Paladins, the knights of the Light

Post by Sinrek » Fri Jan 04, 2019 12:52 pm

Lifting a heavy hammer on his wide shoulder with a natural ease and comfort paladin overlooked the deeds of his comrades.

Three fiendish ghouls, 6 skeletons and one barely moving zombie with almost no head, mere shambling remains however all of them were raised as undead by some malefic necromancer, unknown even still. All defeated with the holy word, penance, fervor and justice. Main tool of said virtues was of course battle hammer. Yes, the hammer…

- But father, why exactly the hammer?? Isn't it heavy and bulky and too heavy, because it's all big and heavy?
- Hahah, yes, son, it is heavy. It is the paladin's main hand weapon of choice.
- But why? Don't you get tired swinging it? It's not like a sword, it's slow because heavy. So why exactly the hammer?!? Tell me!
- Well, my son, it's good you've asked me about this. However, as you know, paladin should bring justice, remember?
- Yes, I do, father. But I don't understand, why the hammer should be the weapon of justice?
- Well … - paladin looked perplexed and suddenly a shade of sorrow lunged upon his face. - There are times, when a man takes up a sword with intention to defend someone and most of the times said man could end up being sliced or cut down with the same sword he took up to protect people. You can't inflict pain with the hammer, unless you really intend to. Specially if your actions are based on the matter of justice and truth.

Good men could be deceived and tricked to point their swords into a wrong direction, but a holy man with a solid restrictions, discipline and faith can not be fooled so easily. That heavy burden of the hammer manifests into the real weapon which you could afford swinging with ease only when you truly know it's necessary to defend the innocent. Being a heavy as a burden of resposibility, the battle hammer isn't something you'd easily poke at anyone, you swing it with holy wrath and pious justice to bring peace. Hammer is merely a tool of both, war and peace. You can build something only with a hammer. Be it a hammer not, you wouldn't be able to cut yourself a peace. Only with hammer can you both build and destroy. Difference is the hand it holds and the intention it brings. Therefore it's an alloy of iron will and steel hammer that truly brings peace.

Paladin's wife came onto the porch and shouted something the wind took another direction for her words, but he guessed it was about the dinner. She was wearing a long blue dress with a white apron and a light-blue stripe across it. Mittens were hanging from the belt. He waved back at her and noticed a slight nod by her hair which were dancing in the wind. Weather was changing to the rain.
- Hammer, my son, is a tool which directs your actions with a precise intent, assured action and clear target of what you must do. Even if it's heavy, seems clumsy or too bulky to wield, it's always go with ease when you know what you must do and where to strike. Hammer determines the paladin's will to act, to protect and to bring out justice where it requires. Sword is a double-edged weapon with one always pointed toward it's wielder. Hammer is always does it's wielder's intent. That's why paladins must always be sure of their actions, have faith in justice and always build peace and the only fitting tool for that is the hammer, son. You wouldn't eat your favorite Westfall stew with a knife now, wouldn't you?
- Hahah, nooo, of course not, father. I'm hungry, dad! When will we have our dinner already? I'd like some more of that goulash uncle made for us! It's so tasty!
- Heh, well alright, son, let us go and check if your mom already made something for us. I'm sure your uncle will hear your plea for his cooking skills to be revealed again.

Precision is the key, as for a strike to destroy same for a strike to build anything. Miss it and you're on a brink of a great troubles. Sometimes these troubles come with no other purpose but to tease you and push you further a wrong step toward failure.

Light, give me wisdom.

Skeletons were wearing peasant's clothing, rugged but solid. Ghouls had some armor on them. Seems like a local militia. Zombie was once a skinny girl, or at least used to look like one. She was wearing a long blue dress with a white apron and a light-blue stripe across it.

Light, give me strength.
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