One Race per Class (Lorewise)

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One Race per Class (Lorewise)

Post by Headhunta » Sun May 01, 2022 10:59 am

Hi, I am planning my character's and I'm having trouble deciding some of the best race for each class, according to the lore. (I really dig the most iconic combos in the lore) Some are quite obvious and others I'm kinda stuck on...

In your opinion which one race goes with each class lore wise using only the race/class combos available to play on turtle wow.

Only ONE race is allowed per class and only allowed to be used once in total each.
Also, please do one list that includes both factions, not a lists for each faction: so if you choose Human Warrior for example then Warrior is locked to Alliance side. specifying gender optional too.

Lets see what you can come up with compared to mine! happy_turtle_head

Edit: here are the options for easy copy pasta usage:

1. Warrior -
2. Paladin -
3. Hunter -
4. Rogue -
5. Priest -
6. Shaman -
7. Mage -
8. Warlock -
9. Druid -

Alliance | Horde
Human | Orc
Dwarf | Undead
Night Elf | Tauren
Gnome | Troll
High Elf | Goblin

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Re: One Race per Class (Lorewise)

Post by Galendor » Mon May 02, 2022 9:32 am

1. Warrior - orc
2. Paladin - human (not so much choice)
3. Hunter - dwarf
4. Rogue - undead
5. Priest - night elf
6. Shaman - troll
7. Mage - high elf
8. Warlock - gnome
9. Druid - tauren (as long as I already used night elf option)

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Re: One Race per Class (Lorewise)

Post by Misargiride » Mon May 02, 2022 1:17 pm

1. Warrior - Orc
2. Paladin - Human
3. Hunter - Dwarf
4. Rogue - Goblin
5. Priest - Troll
6. Shaman - Tauren
7. Mage - High elf
8. Warlock - Gnome
9. Druid - Night elf

Being Human already used for Paladins, I thought about Troll priests because of witch doctors, voodoo and Loa stuff.
Orc Shamas are maybe more iconic than Tauren ones, but if you think about it (other than Orc already taken by Warriors) Mulgore is like the perfect zone for shamans.
Being 10 races and 9 classes, I didn't pick Undead. If anything, Undead would contest Gnome as Warlock choice.

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Re: One Race per Class (Lorewise)

Post by Reploidrocsa » Fri May 06, 2022 11:31 pm

All the answers are very similar in general, here's my list:

1. Warrior - Tauren
2. Paladin - Human
3. Hunter - Dwarf
4. Rogue - Goblin/Gnome
5. Priest - Troll
6. Shaman - Orc
7. Mage - High elf
8. Warlock - Undead
9. Druid - Night elf

Heavily inspired on warcraft 3 lore, the warrior could be orc, human or dwarf, but since there's a unit calles tauren warrior in w3 i sticked with it.
Paladin human, nuff said.
Dwarves hunters since they're good survivalists and adept at weapon handling and serve as the perfect infantry in their army with siege tanks and flying machines covering ground and air.
I don't know about many rogues in w3 except from maybe maiev, so i leaned more into the race background and both goblins and gnomes make the perfect stealthy spies looking for some tech secrets.
Since i've used high elves for mages, the second best option for priest is troll. Hell, there's a mercenary unit called troll priest with priest spells.
Shaman orc for the same reason human paladin. Both humans could go warrior, but shaman for orcs is more iconic for them.
With high elfs having such a magical background getting the mage class was obvious.
Undead warlock. Lorewise, undead should resemble their former living counterparts, so they could be considered more of a sentient zombie human/high elf. Since necromancer is not a thing, an affliction warlock is a very close alternative.
Druid night elf, while taurens learned about druidism back in the day, they forgot their ways long long ago. They just learned it back between w3 and wow timeskip, which sounds like an excuse for not to make it an alliance exclusive class. So, druid night elf

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