GUIDE: Install Guild addon for Molten guildies

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GUIDE: Install Guild addon for Molten guildies

Post by Scorpf » Tue Mar 26, 2019 12:03 pm

Step 1:
Go to and download GroupCalendar 2.2.1

Step 2:

Step 3:
Go into the folder GroupCalendar and extract

Step 4:
Go into the folder GroupCalendar_v2.2.1 and copy the GroupCalendar folder

Step 5:
Paste the folder into your Turtle WoW game client folder at
Wow Turtle Game Client/Interface/AddOns/

Step 6:
Start up the game and look at bottom left of login screen for AddOns button, click this to check that GroupCalendar is showing up

Step 7:
Login as normal and play the game, look at top right corner by the mini-map and click the sun/moon icon where the date/time is shown, this should bring up the calendar window and then you can fill in the credentials on the Channel tab (which can be found in the Who List window, then the Guild tab, then Guild Information button)

Step 8:
Once filled in, click Apply Changes then wait a few mins for the calendar to populate with guild events - anyone can make an event and join events.

Step 9:
Have fun organising RP events, meetups, quests, elites, dungeons and anything else you can think of - just don't plan stuff on Tuesday night around 23:55 server time as there is a scheduled server restart every week 20mins later (eg 00:15 Wednesday morning technically)

Step 10:
Remind other guildies to grab the calendar addon - the more of us using it, the more events will happen ;o)


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