The Necronomicon - Necromancer RP Guide

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The Necronomicon - Necromancer RP Guide

Post by Parcival » Mon May 13, 2019 2:02 pm

Disclaimer: All rights and credit for the guide goes to Felfitz of Argent Dawn. The original topic can be reached here: ... uide/18833

Necromantic magic is a tool like any other, and no tool can create a masterpiece without proper diligence. Much as the wind blows away the leaves of mortal fortitude, so too will the proper manipulation of the Necromantic magic leave the world of mortality renegaded to the weak and feeble minded.

However, the art of elevating simple Necromantic manipulation to the true art of Necromancy one must exercise appropriate dedication, while competence of skill must be practiced to ensure vitality is maintained against the toll of such powerful magics.

Image Concoctions and Draughts

A fundamental school that walks interlocked with Necromantic arts is the skill of Alchemy, exercised through potent pestilence and diseases alike. While crude and indiscrete at times, a grasp in the fundamentals of Alchemy is not only a necessity but a boon in widening both your knowledge, and consequently the tools that you wield against your specimens and enemies alike.

First you must master the draught, be it from the sinew of the Ox or the life blood of the mortal, for there is truly is no firmer base for your potions and concoctions. From this, you can innovate through various ingredients, from the mundane to the rare and coveted, and craft potions to both cripple, dominate or even raise your foes into heeding your bidding.

However, the scope of these draughts is not limited to simple domination! This art has torn Kingdoms asunder and turned them to ash. The Plague that crushed Lordaeron was both a skilfully crafted weapon and exquisitely exploited to maximise its effect, turning whole populations into wilful servants of the Scourge, shattering a Kingdom in one fell swoop. This moment of history cannot be done justice in such a fleeting manner, however, and will be illuminated in later Tomes.

Image Constructs and Animation

The usefulness of Necromantic Constructs is well founded, even renowned among many scholarly circles as one of the key pivotal masteries one can wield, and so must be afforded the appropriate respect.

Similar in principle to abilities of forming and controlling Arcane constructs made of mana, or perhaps other areas of experience; the same techniques are useful in exploiting the Necromantic arts and death magic to achieve the similar results through the medium of flesh, soul and bone alike.

In here lies the key difference between forming a simple construct and advancing to the exquisite art of re-animation. Though this art invariable requires the medium of a corpse, or other suitable subjects, the same holistic principle is still be applied. As one shapes and moulds mana with the power of Arcane, as a poetic example, so too can one mould and shape our subject with the twisting of Necromantic magic to achieve our goal.

Image Minions and Undeath

To facilitate the re-animation process we desire, a suitable specimen is required. Depending on the quality of your ingredients, your results will be reflected as such.

If necessity drives you, then can trade quality for quantity or ease of process. Take the Ghoul, these creatures have untold potential and require little effort in their care, even a heavily decayed corpse or two can be quickly stitched and empowered to create an adequate minion for your requirements.

I have compiled a short list detailing the most appropriate minion given the ingredients you have at your disposal in a later chapter, but for now I must digress.

Though the scourge often claims the monopoly over pioneering the usefulness of undeath, the true source lies in the twisted practices of the Nathrezim, or to those whom command a cruder tongue ‘The Dread Lords’.

The Nathrezim understood the necessity of remaining in the shadows and using tools to achieve the goals we seek, and it is in this mindset that you must operate within. Apply this simple principle to your use of this exquisite art, you will truly become a master or mortals the dead alike!

Image The methodology of the substrates

Leading on from my earlier digression, the method in which you employ an appropriate substraight to facility re-animations is key in the results that are yielded.

As previously alluded too, a poor specimen will inherently limit the potential of resulting construct, be it of flesh, bone or soul alike.

To this end a small key as be arranged to act as a guiding post to your academic exploration of this fine art. For the ease of my previous background with the Arcane, I will refer to our minions as constructs for the remainder of this chapter.

Image Bones resulting from full decay
Simple skeletal constructs, affording flexibility when resources are clearly scarce and necessity is the driving force.

Image Bones, sinew and near full decay
Affords the ability to form Zombies, much like the bulk of the scourge or those formed by the Nathrezim during the War of the Ancients.

Image Partially preserved corpse, minor decay
With partial decay Ghouls can become a significantly more likely outcome, using the greater connective tissues to further empower the Construct. Ghouls are not only versatile, they are dangerous and cunning, but also horrifyingly vicious towards anyone of their foes.

Image Well preserved corpse, little to no decay
Such a specimen holds the most potential so far, affording both the ability to create the aforementioned construct’s while also allowing the possibility of creating incredibly versatile and deadly constructs such as the famed Death Knights. These specimens are the most highly prized.

Image Patchworked corpses, varying levels of decay
Just as one would sew together the hem of a robe, so too can constructs be sewed from the corpses of the many into one being of unity. Though called Abominations by the uneducated, these constructs are prised for their strength and versatility.

Image The shaping of Flesh, Bone and Soul

As your skills have begun to take root in the field of mastery, so too can you begin to explore the great art of this academic field.

Just as the sculptor moulds and shapes the clay into the imagine of his eye, so too do practitioners of Necromantic magic shape their specimens into the purest expression of beauty in undeath.

The art of shaping flesh can be as simple as the assembly and crafting of your construct. Additionally, for the more ambitious craftsmen, you can shape flesh through multiple specimens or merely an assembly of constituent parts.

Bone weaving can be viewed as a specialist avenue to perfect, owing to the focus upon the constituent substrate of bone in their specimens, shaping it through Necromantic magics to command Boneguard constructs; or shaping sharp weapons and hurling them at their foes.

Finally, dominating and shaping the souls of specimens is a truly exquisite skill of mastery. Through the flaying of a specimen’s soul, or other suitable method of encouragement, one can achieve complete dominance over not just a specimens physical form, but also their eternal soul.

Image The Realm of Shadows

Reflecting our world in likeness yet darkened and brimming with the twisted souls of those departed, the Realm of Shadows can be an untold font of potential.

Entering this realm is fraught with difficulty, danger and much risk, one can more easily draw beings or souls from this realm instead. Accordingly, one can utilise this realm as a novel source of potential servants.

But while this realm can be a potential blessing, it is known to be a blight upon those whom seek to draw gain from such a place. Just as the supposed ‘free’ Death Knights are tormented by voices in countless numbers from this realm, so too can this realm afflict you with the same curse.

While our understanding of the art we practice being based on the twisting of death magic, substantial evidence yet still exists to show an indelible connection between our arts and the realm of which I speak with such caution.

Though limited in scope, the strange tradition of the ‘Day of the Dead’ curiously ushers in the marking of the Realm of Shadows being closer to our plain than at other time. As such, this occasion should not be taken with a light consideration of thought.

Image Manipulation and mastering of 'the face’

Doubtless your new-found powers will endow a greater sense of pride, and dare say hubris within yourself, one cannot afford to be complacent.

When exercising great power, one must further exercise appropriate restraint and account for the wider context. Move unseen, and act through others or proxies when able.

Many would seek to steal your knowledge or destroy you for your very nature, for these blind fools cannot understand the necessities that progress demands, but i digress.

To this end, one must use what means they deem reasonable to secure suitable cover for your actions, or hide the associated decay resulting from our line of inquisition.

Various techniques exist which lend themselves to this goal, some varying in complexities. A simple technique is to rely upon others for your needs, allowing to appropriate away from the populace.

Alternatively for those with greater confidence, illusions or complicated social engineering can achieve similar, if not more intimate, results.

Image The art of Fel magic and Necromancy

Though Fel Magic, known for its inherently chaotic and unstable nature, is often perceived with a veil of disgust or dismissal by some, it’s usefulness in Necromantic Magic should not be conceded or dismissed lightly.

Historical examples exist of the practical and delightful application this school has in the raising of undead, with the War of the Ancients demonstrating the real potential for this school of magic in crushing ones foes.

Rearing its head within the heart of Suramar, Fel Magic demonstrated a reliable and terrifying ability to raise the fallen into the service of the legion. The Legion took advantage of the horror this practice imparted upon the living while creating a quick and dependable source of risen troops for their war effort.

From this, one can also lend the art of Fel Magic to a sophisticated end in creating similar and dangerous constructs within the school of Necromancy. While the risk of corruption is inherently intrinsic to Fel Magic, it can serve as a reliable and accessible means to achieve the goals of our art, and can serve its adherents well in the flexibility of this method.
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Re: The Necronomicon - Necromancer RP Guide

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Now I want to play a necromancer. This almost seemed like a class. smiling_turtle_head

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Re: The Necronomicon - Necromancer RP Guide

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Well done!
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Re: The Necronomicon - Necromancer RP Guide

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Quality post.

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