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Re: Character Bio Thread

Post by Khazvarg » Tue Mar 17, 2020 5:44 pm

Name: Thazgor (Dwarven) Raelor (Darnnassian)

Race: Night Elf

Class: Druid of the Claw

House Name: N/A

Title: The friend of the Dwarves

Nickname: "Dwarf-elf"

Height: 180 CM

Weight/Build: Muscular

Residence: The Hinterlands

Birthplace: Val´Sharah

Motto: "Home is were our heart belongs"

Physical Description:
For some even considered unnatural, Raelor´s height is his most remarcable aspect. Born shorter than the average Nigth elf, He proudly stands around 180 CMs. Despite that, he maintains a very muscular build. At his current age, he shows a long and bushy beard, wich is black with some silver threads around. He carefully maintains a completely bald cut, giving him even a more rare look for an elf. He has silver eyes and even bear-like traits in his face.

Brief History:
Raelor, how is he know for his people, was born 10.000 years ago in Val´sharah, because of his shorther heigth, he was alredy misjudged for his kin. Despite that, he learned the ways of the druid, time when he found a profund conection with the spirit of bear, and decided to become a Druid of the Claw. Along the years to come, he participated in some of the most relevating events for the Kaldorei, but always in a very unnoticed rol due to his misjudging. His displaced rol in the night elf society, and the deep conection to the spirit of bear leaded to him acquiring a very feral attitude and psyche, wich caused him some problems with the other druids later.
After the events of the third war, and tired of the derogatory look of his people, he decided to exile himself to the western kingdoms, settling in the Hinterlands, where he locked deep friendship and respect with the Wildhammer Dwarfs, and started to being called Thazgor wich means "Keeper of the wild" by them.

Art Gallery:

Use the "Basic" look desinged by Oscar¡ And give him your love¡
Art comming from: Oscar Shadowpriest Lazo.
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Re: Character Bio Thread

Post by Sinrek » Wed Mar 18, 2020 9:46 am

Glad to see s'more fellow Kaldorei, alas, wasn't that suppose to be "home is where our heart belongs"? Minor mistypes here and there, but I'm glad you continue on!

Elune watch over you.
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Re: Character Bio Thread

Post by Drajjdasz » Fri Apr 03, 2020 4:03 am

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Re: Character Bio Thread

Post by Khazvarg » Sat Apr 04, 2020 7:51 pm

Name: Talus Dawnforge

Race: Dwarf

Class: Paladin

Profession Blacksmith

Title: Avenger of Anvilmar

Nickname: Tas (For friends) Dawnforger(within the order)

Height: 140 CM

Weight/Build: Sturdy

Residence: Ironforge

Birthplace: Ironforge

Motto: "Ancient Kings, let me be the instrument of yar wisdom", "The light of forge is within our hearts", "Light be with ya"

Physical Description:

Talus is an average dwarf both on height and build, yet he posses a sturdy and worked built due to his trade as a blacksmith. His hair is dark brown colored, and he mantains a medium large cut and a short beard, both carefully kept and braided. His body and face show some battle scars, but none being more remarcable than the other. He depicts a solemn demeanor on his face, and a strong inner fire and force of will on his attitude.

Brief History:

Talus was born sometime before the end of the war of the three hammers in the capital city of Ironforge. Son of a controversial and unofficial affair between old rival clans, his origins always caused whispering within the dwarves. He grew up with his mother and half brother on the recently founded city of Aerie Peak, learning from the wildhammers their ancient customs and traditions, yet never feeling a true belonging with the clan and their gryphon riding legacy.

Looking for a place to fit in, Talus became a blacksmith apprentice, this trade became his pasion and settled a path that took him far from the wildhammers themselves. Never getting fully accepted, he was sent to Dun Morogh for a fresh start, settling himself on Anvilmar as a local blacksmith. One night, the settle was overrun by a group of frostmane trolls, which killed some dwarves and momentarily hold control over the place. Talus, inspired by a inner fire of courage and justice, managed to lead a counter attack with some of the settlers, driving back the trolls and regaining control of Anvilmar. Being severely wounded during the fight, Tas was moved to Ironforge in order to heal his wounds, from then, he stood on the city and gain a vast renow as a first class blacksmith, and was always know as the avenger of Anvilmar for the settlers.

Recently, Tas was invited by The Order of the Knights of the Silver hand to work with them as a blacksmith, yet he felt the calling of the crusade and the blessing of the light and joined the order becoming a Paladin. By his deeds and accomplishments, Khazvarg was renamed as Talus Dawnforge, or Dawnforger, by his brothers within the order.

Art Gallery:

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Re: Character Bio Thread

Post by Drajj » Wed Jun 03, 2020 3:16 am

Name: Drajj Dune-Shadow
Race: Sand Trolls
Class: Rogue
House Name: Dunefury (Dunefury Tribe)
Title: Mirage Stalker
Nickname: Drajj
Height: 8' 3''
Weight/Build: 170lb
Residence: Ruins of Lordaeron, Undercity
Birthplace: Southern Tanaris
Motto: "Never let moving sand get too close."

Physical Description:
Drajj is a tall and scraggly Troll rogue. His sun dried hair is dyed with a unique clay found in Tanaris. He grows it out but keeps the back tied back in a braid to ensure it stays out of his face. Taking great care he shaves his tusks short as to not get in the way when slinking into narrow caverns and crags. Growing up in the desert has left his skin cracked and dry, virtually eliminating any ancestral pigmentation their race might of had.

Cultural Interests:
From the outside one might think that all Sand Trolls must have some sort of dirt obsession, for they are rarely seen without a healthy layering. The truth is that the soil and sands of the world house a variety of scents and information. As part of his tribes traditional survivalist training Drajj will often wear, and sometimes taste, the location of wherever he's staying at. The only downside is of course the time spent picking dirt out of his hair and ears.

Brief History:
The deserts of Tanaris is a region of unyielding cruelty. The heat of the day is so intense that any moisture the body produces to cool itself is almost immediately vaporized. From poisonous scorpids to sun-crazed cultists, there is no end to the dangers that lie hidden within each hazy mirage. The Farraki, or Sandfury Trolls, can be seen as the pinnacle of desert adaptation and assimilation, adopting the lands ruthlessness and scorn for any foreign trespassers. Existence was bare and not all Trolls were unhappy seeing convoys of Goblins leaking into the wastes, bringing with them almost forgotten luxuries. Within the Sandfury capital of Zul' Farrak a splintering occurred and from the quick and bloody turmoil an small outlier sect escaped south to hide among the towering dunes of the desert. Calling themselves the Dunefury, these Trolls did all they could to distanced themselves from their crueler parent tribe. The most noticeable feat was successful trade and slow respect with the residence of Gadgetzan, who were eager for any guidance through the desert for hidden oasis's or rare artifacts. Outside of the numerous technologies crafted by Gadgetzan residence, the Dunefury even more surprised to encounter their green and blue skinned cousins from the jungle. The Darkspear and Dunefury learned they each shared a mutual distaste for the Sandfury Trolls to the west, and so word was sent out to the Darkspear leader, Vol'jin. After a few months passed a small party consisting of an Orc, Troll, Tuaren, and Undead arrived at the Dunefury settlement. The small group of representatives were offering additional aid against the Sandfury under the condition of joining a united collective called The Horde. After the initial shock of seeing a risen undead that wasn't a mummified familiar, the Dunefury agreed to the terms and became official representatives of The Horde's operations in Tanaris.

As per agreement the partnership worked both ways, with supplies being dropped off every few months in exchange for information on the Sandfury Tribe's status and of course new Horde recruits. While more tame than their Sandfury origins, the Dunefury have not known peace long enough to forget their ruthless trade. In the world of a vaporizing days and frigid nights, even a Troll has no energy to waste chasing prey. Cunning and patience are key, and none pair better than the powerful poisons that drip from fauna and flora. The Forsaken were quick to pick up on this noxious fact and Drajj Dune-Shadow was among the first batch of young Trolls sent off to the eerie land of Tirisfal Glades.

While having only a dunerat's education, he understands that the paper his tribe signed did not guarantee equal treatment. "Serve da Horde, save yah people" was written at the bottom in Vol'jin's own words. Drajj would do just that.


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My MAIN character

Post by Rydertheking » Sat Jun 06, 2020 11:42 pm

Name: Ryder
Race: Human
Class: Warrior
House Name: None
Title: None
Nickname: Ryder

Height: 6'2
Weight/Build: Lean but has muscles

Residence: Homeless
Birthplace: Lordearon

Motto: "Am I worthy of taking a life, or am I just a demon..." - "To be stronger, you must be willing to sacrifice!"

Physical Description:
Black, short hair. Eyes with no empathy nor emotion.

Brief History:
Ryder is a man of few words. He witnessed his parents death during the Scourge of Lordaeron, and out of pure luck he escaped with his uncle who sadly had his life taken by the Scourge as he sent Ryder away on a carriage. As years went by, Ryder grew to become apathetic to those around him, and decided to seek strength in order to take revenge to his previous lord, Arthas Menethil. But he knows this is a pipe dream, but a dream must start from somewhere...

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Re: Character Bio Thread

Post by Jam » Wed Jun 17, 2020 7:16 pm


Aliases: Chef, J-man, J
Relatives: Innkeeper Wiley (adoptive father)
Current Affiliation: Horde, Steamwheedle Cartel, Broken Keel Tavern
Former Affiliation: Frostwolf Clan, Venture Company
Date of birth: Year 1
Place of birth: Alterac Valley
Species: Orc
Gender: Male
Height: 7'2"
Weight: 425
Eye color: Blue

Jam is a large orc with an intense countenance. Even when relaxed and jovial there is a severity to his gaze and gravitas in his words. He works daily in the kitchen of the Broken Keel Tavern as a cook, cleaner, and cart runner, gathering supplies for the business, as well as for Wiley's engineering. He has served as the cook in the Broken Keel Tavern since Year 13 when he was traded to Wiley by members of the Venture Company to settle an outstanding balance.

Birth and Discovery: Year 1
The wind howled and whistled as it tore through the rocks in Alterac. Draka was in her birthing bed and the Frostwolves gathered around her, eager to see the birth of their chieftain's heir. As they moved towards the tent a word began coursing through the crowd. "Green." The whelp had green skin. "He is corrupted," she thought. Aghast, a female orc, belly rounded with child staggered back from the crowd. Durotan and Drek'Thar were speaking to the mass of Frostwolves. Her thoughts were a deafening cyclone. She was sure they were discussing the end of the child. The banishment of it's mother. They wouldn't abide a green skinned spawn. Her hand flew to her belly and she set her jaw in determination. She had left her home following Durotan's orders. His assurances that it was "best for the clan." She had watched as her lifemate died a coward's death from a swampspider's poison. She would not die, weak from giving birth, to the whims of an imprudent chief. She had seen a yeti cave on their journey in, not a full day's journey from where she now stood. They were a warrior race, she would die a warrior's death.

The goblin cursed as he entered the cave. The smell of burnt yeti hair, rotting meat, and feces inundated the frozen air. "Smells like money." the foreman said. He was still entertaining what, exactly, it smelled like when he saw a lifeless brown mass on the cavern floor. Surrounded by dead yetis yet too small to be one, it looked like a large human, only uglier. Stark naked and with an axe in it's hand. The goblin struggled to roll the humanoid over. As he did, a grunt escaped from within the corpse. Greed lit a fire in the goblin. A small yeti, a parasite, a flesh eating spider? "Look at this," he yelled, to no one in particular, as he produced a small knife. The goblin cut open the orc and withdrew her son. The small orc flailed about as the goblin held it up by one leg. "Hells," he said to the infant, "You and the axe are worth more than a day's wage." "Send in the 'volunteers', it is all clear," he yelled, chuckling to himself. He spun on his heel, hooked the axe under it's blade and headed for the cave entrance.

Venture Company Internment, Fel involvement, and Release: Years 1-13
Jam learned to speak by listening to the goblins on the journey around the Eastern Kingdoms and back to the barrens. He was kept in a sack whenever he wasn't behind a locked door. They told him he was uglier than a gnome, with teeth like a pig and that they'd have to pay anyone who saw him. They poked his tusks and mocked his skinny ears. At three years of age, Jam stood taller than his goblin taskmasters but did not resist their orders. At five he was removed from the travelling expedition team he had been on and placed at the Boulderlode worksite. There, the ventrue company had made an agreement with rogue warlocks. Jam was empowered as the raging orcs of the invaiding force, forced to develop to a more usable age and size by their fel magics and demonic assistance.

Kept hidden from sight, Jam was overseen by human and ogre taskmasters due to his size. He was kept at the head of the workforce but separated from the other slaves. Guarded like a trade secret, the wars and events of Kalimdor had no impact on Jam as he toiled in the dirt, dust and rock.

The first time Jam saw another orc he was 11 years old. The chaos that ensued took all five human taskmasters and one ogre to quell. After subduing him, Boss Copperplug decided that it wouldn't be cost effective to kill Jam and lose an experienced and relatively content worker or to lose his newly acquired, and much larger, orc. Copperplug made the two orcs an offer. In exchange for his continued service, Jam would be taught to speak the language of the orcs and would also take on new responsibilities at the site. Jam did not hear any terms offered to the large orc that still looked alien to him.

As his orders stated, Jam ran mine carts and quelled disputes amongst the smaller "volunteers," as they were called, when directed. He didn't fear the electric jolt from whatever goblin machinery they were currently testing as a motivator, nor did he fear the beatings of the gnoll or human taskmasters. He only spoke goblin and orcish, so the jumbled mess the gnolls gibbered as they kicked or threw things at him just sounded comical. The humans sounded nicer but there intent was the same. The only thing Jam cared about was getting to talk to his friend, Rekgor, at the end of each day. Rekgor was a crafty old orc and Jam admired him. He was shorter than Jam, standing 6'5" but he was almost double his girth. Rekgor explained to Jam that he was a prisoner and told him of the orc's story outside his captivity. He spoke of their bloodlust, and the lethargy that gripped them now. He reminisced of the old ways, of shamanism and of another world. Jam was in awe of the stories but never doubted Rekgor's sincerity. Jam spoke very little and Rekgor talked almost constantly, growing more energetic and strengthening each day. Jam came to trust Rekgor completely. Numerous times Rekgor seemed to do the impossible, stopping rocks from falling right as Jam was sure they would. Producing water from the rock when Jam could find no stream. For two years Jam and Rekgor dug at the site in the Northern Barrens, turning the boulder lode worksite into the boulder lode mine.

The Barrens sun burned down on the Boulder lode mine as Wiley approached in his wagon. "Copperplug!" He shouted. "Where's my payment?!" Wiley looked around at the scene before him. "Slaves," he thought disgustedly, "No different than the trolls."

"Ahh, Wiley," Copperplug began, coming down from the second level of the site's outbuilding. "Let me cut ya short, pal." Wiley interjected, "I ain't here ta hear your pleasantries or excuses. I'm here for my gold, or Gazlowe'll be here for your hide. This is the balance." With that Wiley tossed a small clamped bill at Copperplug. Copperplug looked over the bill and then looked past Wiley at his wagon. "You alone, Wiley?" he asked perfidiously. "What's it matter to you, Coppertop? Send one of your lackeys to get my gold already, I got the cook watchin' shop." Copperplug tucked the bill into his vest pocket and looked back at an ogre "Send for the green," he said, "both of them." "Money'll be up in just a tick ol' Wiley," Copperplug sneered.

The sunlight was brighter than Jam wanted to endure as he approached the mine's entrance. He'd been digging inside and not allowed to leave for at least a year. "Listen, pup," his old friend said in a whisper, "whatever this is, it isn't good." The ogre that fetched the pair walked in front of them, his footfalls mixing with the pings and thuds of mining. "If anything starts, I want you to run. You've a life to live and I've a lifetime of blood to pay for." Jam nodded his understanding. "This conversation has happened before," he remembered, "close to when we met. This old orc is certain he must die to make up for his past." The piercing sun broke Jam's thought. The two orcs emerged into the warm Barrens air. Jam noticed the new goblin immediately. He was dressed nicer, not wearing leather or ragged cloth. His outfit looked soft. He was cleaner than any goblin he'd seen and had gold jewelry in his ears. "Here's my payment, Wiley," Copperplug said as the orcs arrived by his side, "These two are gonna allow you to leave and we're going to be even." "Well Copperslug," Wiley said chuckling, "I see you still think you see opportunity when you're staring at defeat. That's how ya ended up owing me so much if you recall. Thalo'thas, let's show 'em the collection cannon!" The canvas top on the back of the wagon was tossed aside and Jam raised his brows as a tall slender humanoid was revealed leaning on a large gun. "You see "Boss"," Wiley said mockingly, "What you've done here is brought me my payment, yeah? Cuz if that wasn't why you called these two orcs, I'm going to be forced to ask T up there to light the cannon." Copperplug stared ahead at the ship size cannon. "Yeah... Yeah Wiley, that's what I was doing. I don't have the money to pay ya," he blubbered, "so I called for my two best workers! You can take 'em! We're even now right?"
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Re: Character Bio Thread

Post by Cervantes » Mon Jul 06, 2020 1:29 pm

Here is my new character Azraelon The Vengeful for my Dungeons and Dragons campaign
but i'm also going to make him on turle wow when High Elfs are live.

Name: Azraelon
Real Name: Kaldur
Race: High Elf, Moon Elf
Class: Blood Hunter/ Hunter
House Name: Silent Run
Title: The Vengeful
Nickname: Tracker of Sin
Height: 5.9
Weight/Build: Slim 65 kg
Residence: Wander
Birthplace: High Forest / Eversong Woods
Motto: My Blood is my fuel to victory

Physical Description:
A slim build with white skin like the snow, long tied back white hair with elements of silver. Piercing blue eyes with a few specks of gold.

Brief History:
Azraelon believes he is the only survivor from his home village in the High Forest / Eversong Woods after the total destruction of his village, he looks for any way to gain new powers to aid him in his quest for revenge. It seems undead were the ones who are reasonable.
He sought out the Blood hunters / hunter and studied under his new master who was called Salvodor Darkmore.
He trained under the Darkmore order for a number of years. Darkmore told him about the power of the Worgen and told him that if you want to destroy the evil forces you need to become stronger. take this power and become a full member of the order, which he did. Now with his new skills and ability, he has become an adept mercenary and bounty hunter.

Darkmore order of the Worgen are different from most Worgen. They aren't mindless creatures. they can control their emotions via medication, magic, and self-discipline.These Worgen may resist being overcome by their feral instincts.

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