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Post by Seabraid » Mon Oct 08, 2018 10:17 pm

Name: Gunnifer Seabraid
Race: Dwarf
House Name: Seabraid
Height: Short
Weight/Build: Stout
Residence: Itinerant, but letters can be posted to her at the Deepwater Tavern, Menethil Harbour
Birthplace: Kul’Tiras

Motto: "Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm…”

A lean, weather-scarred and sun-tanned Kul Tiran dwarf, Seabraid has the countenance of a thundercloud and the tongue of a scurvy old salt. Her sandy-coloured hair is kept in a single long braid that trails down to the small of her back. Her skin is dark and cracked like sailcanvas by wind and salt, covered in crude tattoos like trophies from distant ports, and her emerald eyes twinkle with mischief. She garbs herself as a merchant sailor in the Kul Tiran fashion, with gaudy colours and patterns that would produce frowns and teeth-gnashing among the old longbeards of Ironforge, but are quite at home among the rigging of any Alliance ship. She walks with the uneven gait of one used to a rolling deck at sea, and is much at home in the winesinks and bawdy-homes of ports across Azeroth.

Brief History:
Midshipmate Seabraid made her bones in the Kul Tiran navy, sailing under the colours of Commodore Arthor “Keelhaul” Redmoore, whose reputation for daring broadsides and ruthlessness made him enemies across all the seas. Promoted to oversee the formidable gunlines of Keelhaul’s flagship, the Pride’s Wake, Seabraid proved her mettle in duels with red sail seadogs, perfidious naga, orc warships, and the anger of the waves themselves.

A few years ago, Keelhaul’s fleet departed on an ill-fated expedition to the southerly coasts of Kalimdor, where they were blasted and broken apart by a furious typhoon. As the Pride’s Wake struggled to keep right of the hammering waves, a naga seawitch revealed herself, and her ambush, slaughtering the crew as the ship was wrent apart by the powerful storm. As Seabraid watched from a tangle of rope and wooden debris, the seawitch dueled with mighty Keelhaul. The brave captain had the better of the Naga for a time, but as the ship was torn apart in the maelstrom, she cast upon him a dread curse, transforming the proud Kul Tiran sailor into a pitiful little sea crab.

Commodore Arthor "Keelhaul" Redmoore, current form

Seabraid was near drowned by that storm, but was saved by her former skipper, who grabbed her in his claws and swam her away from the sinking ship and naga assault. She awoke upon distant isles in the aftermath of the storm, lashed to a spar and near-drowned, awakened by the sight of a red crab watching over her.

Now she travels by her Commodore’s side, seeking to undo the curse wrought upon him by finding secrets and clues hidden in ancient ruins and distant lands.

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Re: Character Bio Thread

Post by Mortbolt » Tue Oct 09, 2018 12:07 am

Name: Padric Dayton
Race: Human
Class: Warrior
House Name: N/A
Nickname: Paddy
Height: 6.2
Weight: 87 kg
Age: 29
Build: muscular
Residence: Goldshire
Birthplace: Andorhal

Motto: "Conquer yourself, only then will you be strong!"

Padric is a Tall muscular man, Most people find his appearance intimidating, but he is a gentle person at heart. He has long blonde hair ,that he keeps tied in a ponytail which he considers to be both practical and stylish.
He has Dark green eyes which have a very mischievous light dancing through them.
Padric has almost no scars except for the huge axe wound on his back which he got from a gnoll during a skirmish. He is always smiling no matter the situation.

Brief history:
Padric was born in Andorhal 25 years before the third war, his mother worked as a clerk in the town hall, his father was a soldier in lordaeron's army, he has no siblings. padric was mostly just a quiet town boy until the age of 12 when his father decided to retire and move to elwynn forest to settle down there and also help out in rebuilding the newly restored kingdom of stormwind. Padric did not take this change well, he did not want to be separated from all his friends and he did everything he could to make the transition harder than it had to be for both of his parents. even after they arrived to elwynn and settled on the little piece of land ,in Goldshire, that his father got from the king, padric continued to cause trouble both at home and in town. He would always get in fights with the local children, if there was a trouble in town it was almost always his fault, during this time period padric discovered his love and talent for brawling, while he settled down couple of years later and got used to his new home, he would still get in fights (mostly causing them himself) by the time he was 18 he was known as the meanest person in town who would start a fight over the most trivial of reason, around that time he got in a fight with city guard who bumped into him on hes way out of the tavern, he beat the fully armored and trained man to unconciousness, This fact went into his head and he started bragging about his skill as a fighter, that is until he met marshal haggard one fateful evening. Haggard was already getting close to his long awaited retirement, Padric who let his victory ,over a simple guard, go to his head decided to take on the marshal........the resulting beatdown left him unconcious for a week.
Months passed after the above mentioned incident padric was furious and actively sought haggard to prove that he was stronger than him, though unfortunately he was unable to find him. One quiet evening town of Goldshire was attacked by a band of riverpaw gnolls led by a Gnoll named "Sharp claw" Padric was among the few who volunteered to fight the threat and being the proud young man he decided to take on the leader, 'Sharp claw" easily avoided his pathetic swing and struck him in the back with an axe, padric would have died there and then, had he not been save by the very man he swore vengeance against, Marshal Haggard. Padrics world was turned upside down, on one hand he was grateful of Haggard saving him and admired his prowess in combat, but on the other hand he could not forget the shame he experienced at the hands of the man. After a long contemplation he swallowed his pride, went to the marshal's home and asked him for training in the art of combat. Seeing the potential in the boy Haggard agreed and started training him, he would train him during his free time at first and after Padric gained some semblance of skill he started taking him on the patrol missions, during one joint patrol with the dwarves from ironforge, the dwarven captain Furin Beardbraid let padric taste the famous rhapsody mals and thus began his addiction to that particular beverage. over the years Padric gained the skill and experience enough to call himself a Formidable warrior,
after Haggard retired padric struck out as an adventuring mercenary across the continent, every time he is back in elwynn he visits Haggard and helps him around the house.
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Post by Potatoknight » Thu Oct 11, 2018 9:36 pm

Name: I'm Gwynera, Gwynera Orchardist if you want the full name!

Race: I am a human.

Class: I am a Priestess of the Holy Light!

House Name: Light, I'm just a common woman!

Title: Nope. Priestess, I suppose?

Nickname: I've heard Apple (Because my family grew apples!), Gwyn, Nera, it's all fine with me. Just don't call me Blondie.

Height: I've met only a few who were shorter.

Weight/Build: That's rather personal! Err, I guess I'm tiny and thin?

Residence: Wherever I can rest my head down, these days!

Birthplace: Elwynn, my family had an Orchard there.

Motto: Err...? Light bless you?

Physical Description: Ah, uhm, my friends would say I'm fair. I've got golden hair that I try to keep neat. I stay as clean and tidy as I can considering how much I travel! I'm pretty short and whatever the opposite of muscular is, is me! I dress modestly, I suppose I'm shapely but I don't like to show off too much, distractions and all of that. Oh and I've got a good singing voice!

Brief History: Not much to talk about there! My family were Orchardists as I said - that's where I got my name! They were meagre and poor and I wasn't much use around during the colder months, so they offered me to the Church, the Clerics in Northshire, who took me in. There I was educated in the Holy Light... didn't much like the sheltered, closed-off existance though! Soon as I was old enough to decide for myself, I set off with what little the Clerics could offer and never looked back! Today I travel Azeroth, spreading the Light where I can, healing the sick, being a good person, hopefully!

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Re: Character Bio Thread

Post by Deadcrow » Fri Nov 09, 2018 2:17 am

Name: Jarom Vail

Race: Forsaken

Class: Warlock

House Name: None

Title: Brewer

Nickname: Lefty

Height: 5'9"

Weight/Build: 90lbs soaking wet, you could call him svelte . . . maybe?

Residence: Brill Currently

Birthplace: Hazy, maybe Lordran?

Motto: When in doubt Immolate!

Physical Description: Thin, wiry slight hunch to his posture, but with a hunger in his eyes (For knowledge not just for flesh), usually muttering formulae to himself

Brief History: Jarom didn't remember much from his death, but he did remember his awakening alone, cold, with only the knowledge of various curses and demonic information, it wasn't until the grave keepers broke open his coffin did he realize what had transpired, Jarom was dead. He had to have been a researcher in a former life for all he knew but everything else about his former life (and his death) was a blur . . . although he has a particular dislike of fish for some reason. Without anything better to do he decided to join the Royal Apothecary Society and learn Potion making as a trade to keep him occupied. Mostly he can be seen searching the lands for ingredients and occasionally arguing with his Imp, Quarzin.

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Re: Character Bio Thread

Post by Peeves » Tue Jan 08, 2019 2:16 pm

  • Name: Mimblis Evermorne
  • Race: Human
  • Class: Paladin
  • House Name: N/A
  • Title: Templar
  • Nickname: Evermorne
  • Height: 6'
  • Weight/Build: 180 lb.
  • Residence: Stormwind City
  • Birthplace: Stormwind City
  • Motto:
    I'll seek justice for those who defy it.
Physical Description:
  • An uncanny, stoic figure, this old man stands as one of the original members of the Knights of the Silver Hand. His body may be pale, but his hazel eyes are still glimmering with youthfulness.
Brief History:
  • Following the events of the Third War, Evermorne went to seek faith in the Northshire Abbey. His mind was still plagued by the loss of his friend - Uther Lightbringer, and his thoughts didn't stray far from the letter he received from him an year ago. Even though still considered by most a Templar, Evermorne seems to have cut ties with the rest of the Knights of the Silver Hand, maybe to regain his faith and will, and return to the battlefield as strong as before. Most old people knew of Mimblis' powers, but the younger folk tend to look the other way when approaching him. It's surely a matter of time for him to return and become prestigious again.
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Re: Character Bio Thread

Post by Wildelf » Wed Jan 09, 2019 2:36 am

Name: Realaya Eluria Moonshine
Race: Kaldorei(Night Elf)
Class: Tailor/Seamstress - Novice Acolyte of the Moon
House Name: A Common Villager
Title: Youngest of the Moonshine
Nickname: "Laya" - "Re-Re"
Height: Underaverage (6ft8)
Weight/Build: Light and Weak Build
Residence: The Temple of the Moon
Birthplace: Starbreeze Village
Motto: W.I.P
Physical Description:
Long silky purple hair with light purple skin and moonlit white eyes, a long curved upward button-like nose with a pointed tip, underneath would be a small pair of pumple purple lips and underneath would be a small nearly pointed but round chin and cheeks plumpe but show some type of cheek bones - Her thin and nearly weak body suited with a cropped turtle neck shirt with apair of green shorts with green bands around her upper arms, with apair of brown boots
Brief History:
Realaya born a Villager of Starbreeze Village within the Family of Moonshine, a family which brewed Moonshine all year round so they are in supply for the Lunar Festival, though with due time the Corrupted Furblog took the Village by force - Quite alot of the Residance of the area were evacuated while some were not so luck to survive, that included her Parents, left orphaned with her Elder Sister in Dolanaar.

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Re: Character Bio Thread

Post by Sucubuszoo » Sun Jan 20, 2019 11:22 am

Name: Joe Davis
Race: Undead human
House Name: Davis
Title: none
Nickname: Jo
Height: 5.8ft
Weight/Build: 200lbs
Residence: Crossroads
Birthplace: Brill
Motto: "well this is happening!"
Physical Description:
Joe was an average built guy with a bit of a rough and haggered appearance. he messy brown hair and hazel eyes. his appearance is only slightly different in undeath. the rotting has made him look more rundown. he dose little keep up his appearance and it shows. his armor is rusty and shredded. his hair is ruffled and messy.
Brief History:
Joe doesn't remember much. Undeath has striped a lot of his memories. what he dose know is he had a wife and a kid. he was borne in Brill before the 2nd war. his father died in said war. he was a in charge of skinning animals or something like that.

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Re: Character Bio Thread

Post by Grin » Wed Feb 06, 2019 6:27 pm

I remember watching our shamans during one of their rituals as a little runt. To my eyes it was something unimaginably magnificient at the time. They wielded the powers of the elements with such proficiency that as I watched them the air stood still in my lungs. In spite I was groomed to become a hunter I longed to understand their magic from that day. However it was long after that I finally found my way back to it...
Years had passed and I grew up honing my hunting skills slowly forgetting about the feeling until the time came that I go through the rites of the Earthmother. Then at one point I was tasked to drink from the water of the seers to induce a vision that helped young ones understand their destinies and on its journey I met a person who helped me remember.
Fate brought me to him and a third accompanied us. A young prearie wolf with a wounded leg who was quite lively regardless his injury knowing that he wasn't in near any danger. This man approached him and invoked some of his magic to mend him then he looked at my young tauren self and welcomed me with a smile. Then blinked once, booned me with a blessing before he left in a form of a jaguar. I haven't met the elf ever since but the experience we shared lives as lively in my memories as before the shamans' had. Once I finished the rites I set on a new horizon and ventured into the realm of druidism...
My name is Grum.

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Re: Character Bio Thread

Post by Ushido » Fri Mar 01, 2019 6:23 am

Nombre : Maghnus Escanor
raza : Orco
Clase : Guerrero
Nombre de la casa : Fiery Axe
Título : Teniente
Apodo : Maghnus el orgullso
Altura : 1.99
Peso / Estructura : 120 kg Robusto
residencia : Durotar
Lugar de nacimiento :Durotar
Lema: Es mejor que estes a mi lado para conversar, que estar frente a mi para pelear.
Descripción física: Corpulento como cualquier orco, lleva un collar con una gema de color verde, la cual lleva dentro el alma de su mejor amigo, el cual fue apuñalado por un misterioso pícaro y sus secuaces.

Breve historia:
Tras la invasión de la legion ardiante, Maghnus y sus compañeros se regocijaban tomando tragos en una taberna y jugando hearstone, victoriosos cantaban canciones de victoria y fanfarria. Luego de algunos tragos, Maghnus escucho los tambores de los guardias y gritos despavoridos. La plaga estaba invadiendo por el frente del pueblo. Entre la conmocion, un puñado de picaros aprovecharon de saquear gran parte del pueblo mientras los guardias se encargaban de defender a los civiles. Maghnus se encontraba en el frente del pueblo empujando las fuerzas de los no muertos.

Luego de unas horas, ensangrentado por la feroz batalla, recibiría la noticia de que su mejor amigo había sido asesinado por el grupo de picaros, lo habian apuñalado con una daga envenenada con sangre de draco de pantano. Al llegar a donde se encontraba su cuerpo un compañero cazador le entrego una esquirla que estaba enterrada en el pecho de Chema. Maghnus tomo un trozo de cuero y lo acomodo como si fuese un collar y tras un rugido de odio, El teniente se lanzaría a dar casa a los asesinos de su amigo.

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Re: Character Bio Thread

Post by Baas » Wed Mar 06, 2019 7:29 am

Character description: Baas.
Name: Baas.
Race: Undead.
Sex: Male.
Class: Priest.
Residence: Undercity.
Birthplace: Lordaeron.

Yet another zombie that was randomly freed from the grasp of the Lich King. He retained almost none of his memories, not even his name. The only thing he remembers is that Lordaeron was, and still is, his home. Therefore, his only compulsion is to repair and rebuild the kingdom.

The umimaginative name, Baas, comes from his odd fascination with fishing.

Since he was incapable of any specialist work, he was assigned to labour parties. All of his time was spent repairing houses, building barricades and fishing. Apparently, only while fishing the undead can feel at peace. The insane monster doesn't even eat the fish he catches most of the time. And when he does, it's usually raw. And only for the taste, not for nourishment.

After some time, simply to distinguish Baas from scores of other forsaken, his supervisor called him after the company the labourer was keeping. That is, fish.

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Re: Character Bio Thread

Post by Kazgrim » Tue Apr 02, 2019 6:39 pm

Name: Kazgrim
Race: Orc
Class: Warlock
Height: 7' 2" (6' 8" hunched)
Weight/Build: Lean, almost skeletal
Residence: Orgrimmar, Durotar
Birthplace: Draenor, the Red World
Motto: "By his blood, the Horde lives."
Physical Description: A large cloak covers the pallid face of this brooding warlock. He wears tattered robes and carries with him a wooden staff to support his crooked gait. Underneath the shadow of his hood appears a gaunt looking orc with coarse dark brown hair, and a scar to his missing eye that runs down his forehead and cheek. His yellow-green skin is covered in blisters and scars, masked by the layers of clothing he wears to keep the burning Durotar sun from furthering damaging it. At his heel is his summoned minion from the twisting nether, a daemon from hell ordered to do his bidding and tear to pieces any that dares interferes with his plans.
Brief History: Kazgrim was born sometime before the Rise of the Horde, on the planet Draenor. He served in both the First and Second Wars alongside his chieftain Kilrogg Deadeye. Originally a shaman, he was one of the few that followed Gul'dan and learn about the demonic arts. With his new abilities, he fought alongside the Horde in their invasion of Azeroth, and was eventually captured along with the rest of his clan and put into internment camps in Lordaeron. Having escaped and fleeing to Kalimdor with Thrall and the new Horde, Kazgrim has found it hard to let go of the powers he has learned to wield. But by swearing fealty to Thrall and his new Horde, Kazgrim has pledged to use his dark arts for good. Or so it would seem.
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Chieftain of the Dreadskull Clan

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Re: Character Bio Thread

Post by Hal » Sat Apr 13, 2019 1:53 pm

Name: Lorphar Denerly Krighton

Race: Human

Class: Veteran Warrior

House Name: None.

Title: Old Soldier

Nickname: Ole' Timer

Height: 6 feet

Weight/Build: 140 pounds

Residence: Northshire Town

Birthplace: Stormwind Field Farm

Motto: "Keep right on to the end of the road, though the road be long you gotta stay strong"

Physical Description:

Wrinkles fill the face, Burly & a bit Muscular, looks a bit like Lothar himself!

Brief History:

Lorphar was born in the Stormwind Fields standing right outside it's gates, Farms fill the plains, fast forward there's the first war which fortunately he lived through, fast forward more the second war came and he served under the command of Lothar himself, he fought many battles & had many experiences, he even was once captured him & his comrades while on patrol by blackrock orcs and taken hostage, almost a whole week of interrogation, torture, and murder, he tried to rebel and escape but he fell unconcious for a long time, then he woke up to the sound of screams & cries, there were no guards, he stood up barely concious, and tried to wake his comrades but most of them were dead or too unconcious, he stepped outside and found alliance troops attacking the blackrock base, but just when hope was restored, Wrymkin troops showed up and the battle took longer, he made a run for it & escaped the base, stranded & wandering in the smokey desert of the burning steppes, finally he reached safety, South post alliance garrison, & went back home, events occured & alot of time had passed in peace, his sons & daughters married & happy, him living with the love of his life marcilene & meeting his grandchildren, there he recieved news of a troubled elwynn, he missed fighting & wandering outside his doorstep anyways so, he took up a worn shortsword, a battered buckler, and his rusty skills & set out to wander & save the folk of elwynn, as well as making quite a bit of profit.

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Re: Character Bio Thread

Post by Tinkywinki » Tue Apr 16, 2019 11:57 pm

Name: Buri Loneaxe

Race: Dwarf

Class: Paladin apprentice

House Name: Loneaxe

Title: lutenant of the 2nd exploration squad to Kalimdor.

Nickname: Buraxe

Height: 5 feet

Weight/Build: 150 pounds

Residence: None

Birthplace: Lonch Modan, close to Wetlands.

Motto: "If dont lead to ale then is not ok "

Physical Description: Big nose, semi-long beard with handlebeard mustache and short black hair, old face yet not old at all, tired eyes, muscular and tall for a dwarf.

Brief History: Born in a tent in Lonch modan, his father was a mountaineer in Algaz station and her mother was died giving birth to him. Learning to survive alone in the woods he always look up to his father as a an example a lonely man with working habits. Soon at a very young age a group of human recruiters were asking for young dwarfs to help to an expedition to get information in Kalimdor. Not knowing anything Buri just sign the paper in hope to get some adventure and coin for his already old father, still working as mountaineer day and night. His father was very sad when his son give him the news and they both had a huge fight. Buri left his home (tent) the next morning with his axe only, starting a long journey by foot to Stormwind for his 3 months training before departure.
In the big city he did a fair good job, yet not as good as many naturaly born warriors and fighters. So they decide to send him as last of his militia class to serve as fighter in the last line but also as chef, because he was not the best warrior but he made great meals with not many. They set sail to Kalimdor and he was put in the 2nd exploration squad all conformed by dwarfs, humans looked bad at them all the time. After a long trip, they set camp in a group of islands south durotar, the gnome cartographer, a very old gnome, didnt know that those islands were now part of a newly established zandalari troll tribe. Witouth sight of danger the generals set camp. The same night a group of trolls attacked killing lot of men, with only a knife Burin save most of the men in his Squad and one human general. This give him the promotion to lutenant. With half the group they set sails with the last ships to a northern position. Sadly for the army the trolls put spells and witchcraft stuff in most of the survivors, so they died after days of agony. So there were only 6 dwarf left from the 2nd squad, yet they finished their mision, to get an orc for interrogation with the help of human translators. With this information all the expedition go back, with new plants, animals, weapons, and information about Raxor hill defenses and secret passages. Back in storwind Burin get discharged and paid for his service, but a letter came to him saying that his father died a week ago because of a huge spider attack. Sad and lonely he found peace in the storwind catedral were he met Lord grayson and he took him under his wing as a newly added paladin of the light. Lord grayson send him back to dwarf lands as a test to see if he can really handle the real training that takes being a paladin. Now lonely and broke Burin have to get his way in the cold mountains and learn from different teachers around the eastern kingdoms to finally get back to Lord Grayson to fully finish his duty.


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Re: Character Bio Thread

Post by Prioress » Mon May 13, 2019 4:35 am

Name: Unknown/Forgotten

Race: Forsaken


Title: The Prioress

Height: Average

Weight/Build: Skin and bone...

Residence: Itinerant

Birthplace: Tirisfal

Motto: "Respect. Tenacity. Compassion...dimly, I remember."

Physical Description: Her face was like chipped porcelain, flaking off what was now an effigy of beatific sorrow. A twisted icon of grace and innocence, marred by the blight of decomposition and putrefaction. She was garbed in the decayed habit of a monastic of the Holy Light, moldy and deteriorated with the scent of the grave. Her high collar of aged chiffon and lace wrapped about her opened throat like a wreath of dead flowers whose browned petals curled, crackled and stiffened. About her neck was tied the wispy, frayed strands of a hangman's noose, like a macabre necklace.

Brief History: The Prioress, as her title suggests, was once head of an order of religious sisters dedicated to study and prayer to the Holy Light. Which convent it was no longer matters, but they gave healing to the peasants of the countryside and blessings to questing paladins and knights. At the coming of the plague of undeath and the Lich King's ravages, the convent was a tiny island of peace and the Light in a growing sea of darkness and corruption.

Many sought out the aid of the Priory and its sisters, including some already cursed by plague to die and rise anew. Keeping to her vows, the Prioress gave hospitality, food, shelter, and comfort to all who sought their aid. When the growing paranoia of Lordaeron's defenders sent madness hurtling through the once-noble Order of the Silver Hand, inquisitors in scarlet came calling, with charges of heresy and the sheltering of the damned. Refusing to repent and give over the sickly to the thirsting blades of the Scarlet Crusaders, The Prioress and her sisters were tortured and hung from the walls of their own home.

The Prioress awoke with a faded memory of her former self, and an equally dim understanding of the nightmare of her continued cursed existence.


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Re: Character Bio Thread

Post by Thiccroy » Thu Jun 20, 2019 9:07 pm

Name: Dolokhov Steelblood

Race: Stromic Humans

Class: Warrior

House Name: House Steelblood

Title: Son of Strom

Nickname: "Dole"

Height: Around Six Feet / 185 cm
Weight/Build: 78 kg
Residence: On the Path
Birthplace: Stromgarde

Motto: "In the Fiery Blood, the Cold Steel!"

Physical Description:
A young man that has weathered an exodus, his exterior is mostly untouched, with small bruises and shallow cuts around his body showing all that he has not felt a blade deep into his body, but his dark, brown eyes have felt and seen the deaths of his kinsmen and his people.

His hair is braided in a Stromic style, with two braids passing over either shoulder's front. The hair itself, and the growing mustache above his lips are of a chestnut brown, matching the dark brown of his eyes.

Brief History:
Born in Stromgarde City as the youngest of three, Dolokhov grew up in the shadow of his eldest brother, Lord of the House, and his middle brother, a Knight within the King's Court. However, tragedy would strike the young man as his homeland and people would go into exodus after the Third War.

Growing up as an orphan without his brothers, who had fallen during Galen Trollbane's betrayal, he would be mentored by a strict War-Cleric of Northshire Abbey, who would teach him the ways of the blade and shield.

His current ambitions now lie in wait, as he aims to earn the title of Knight and be one of the first in the vanguard to reclaim his homeland...

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