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Post by Reidforspeed » Thu Oct 04, 2018 2:57 pm

Name: Leoffret Coinshadow
Race: Troll
Class: Rogue
House Name: Darkspear
Title: Coinshadow
Height: 240 cm
Weight/Build: Lean
Residence: Currently between locations.
Birthplace: Stranglethorn Vale
Motto:" It's no drama mon"

Physical Description:
Leoffret Coinshadow stands tall and lean. Although still young by Troll years his body is marked with numerous thin scars (especiall along his arms and hands) which are custom to his "skulking" trade in the rough jungle.

He keeps his hair dyed black with a dark pigment found within Stranglethorn (it also serves as a great gel to tame any jungle frizz). The dark fruity pigment also masks his eyes to reduce glare and keep his teal green face hidden in gloomy places.

Tying his hair back and keeping his tusks short allows his frame to btter slide into almost any nook and cranny. The middle section of his right ear is slightly frayed due to a piercing accident.

Brief History:
Leoffret spent the majority of his youth skulking about the many abandoned tribal ruins in Stranglethorn Vale. More often than not he would find and collect a variety of trinkets and decayed artifacts as a hobby to sate curiosity. One days while loitering on the outskirts of Booty Bay a goblin showed particular interest in one of the items he was examining. Although worthless to him and his village, the goblin payed good silver for the rusted exotic idol in Leoffret's hands. Not much time passed before his curious collection had run dry, but the bag of silvers resting on his straw hammock stirred a new, more profitable curiosity.

Unfortunately word got out to the village elders about his small fortune and Leoffret reluctantly donated it to aid in the village's much needed repairs and hunting stores. His accomplishment, however, would not go forgotten. Finally coming of age a few months after his thrift and skulking skills had earned him the title of "Coinshadow" within the small village. Although honored to receive such a humble gift, it wasn't long before he left the village to ensure any future wealth remained his.

Putting his skulking to good use Leoffret enlisted to the expanding Horde as a contracted agent of the Shattered Hand. The world of Azeroth now open, a deeper curiosity stirs him to discover (and more importantly procure) valuable secrets for both the Horde, and himself.


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Post by Parcival » Thu Oct 04, 2018 8:43 pm

Name: Parcival Godrigson
Race: Human
Class: [OOC]: Mage II [IC]: Scholar/Researcher
House Name: N/A
Title: The Cynic
Nickname: Parcy
Height: 1.76m
Weight/Build: 79kg/Averege
Residence: The Pig and Whistle Tavern in the Old Town district of Stormwind
Birthplace: Hillsbrad Foothills
Motto: "Ah, witless world! Behold the grand folly of ignorance!"

Physical Description:

Of averege height and build, having to pay his rent in the Pig and Whistle through labor, he is given regular meals which keep him in a normal physical state. Parcival's brown, long, unkempt hair reach to his shoulders with a thick beard to round his face. Thick eyebrows and sunken eyes rend his sight unpleasant, only adding to his moody demeanour. His thick nose hinders his breathing, giving Parcival his characteristically fast and loud inhaling partly through the mouth. Some gray hair appear to dominate his face, especially his lower beard and at the sides.

Parcival wears whatever he can get his hands upon, involuntarily. His only characteristic choice of clothing is his blue linen cloak, which he wears whenever leaving his room in the tavern. With the hood drawn, at any time of day and season.

Brief History:

A former student of the arts of magic, with a propensity towards moodiness, anxiety and arrogance. Having abandoned his studies with the approaching plague from the north, Parcival fled to the safey of Stormwind, where he remains to this day. Forced to learn for himself, this puts a strain on his financial status, living in poverty in the Old Town district of the city. A small cabin of a room in the Pig and Whistle.

Due to his failures in the academic world and his life in poverty, Parcival built a sickness of spirit, which spawns obsessions with murder. Delusional, yet capable of generosity and compassion. Parcival tends to pity the weak and helpless in whom he sees himself, despising all others with a semblance of power.

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Post by Guffnat » Fri Oct 05, 2018 8:43 am

Name: Kuuku
Race: Troll (Forest)
Tribe: Revantusk
Class: Hunter
Height: 220 cm
Weight/Build: Lean / sinewy
Residence: Currently on a rite of passage journey
Birthplace: Revantusk Village
Motto: -

Physical Description:
Kuuku is a young Forest Troll who looks rather small and lean compared to his brutish brethren. His skin is covered with a thin layer of moss in various shades of green. There are several pearls, bones and feathers braided into his teal colored mop of fuzzy hair. His nose is a bit crooked and he seems to scan his surroundings with a curious yet piercing stare. His tusks are adorned with intricate carvings.

Brief History:
Kuuku grew up to be a Hunter and Fisherman in Revantusk Village. Apart from the occasional struggles with the Wildhammer Dwarfs and the Vilebranch Trolls of Jintha'alor the Revantusk Tribe seems to manage a peaceful life in the Hinterlands.
Since the Revantusk Tribe lives rather secluded and far away from their Horde allies it has become custom that young tribe members are sent on a journey to Orgrimmar as a rite of passage. They are supposed to gather news about their allies, foes and latest devolopments in the conflict between Horde and Alliance. In addition they are supposed to pledge allegiance to Thrall and assure that the Revantusk will come to aid when he calls. The elders of the tribe are known for their diplomatic skills and they want to assure that the younger generation is able to succeed.

Kuuku has recently arrived in Sen'jin and heard about the Valley of Trials. He intends to take part in the trials and wants to prove that the Revantusk tribe - although they might be few - are able to pull their weight.


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Post by Hiccup » Fri Oct 05, 2018 10:24 am

Name: Imogen Morgan
Race: Human
Class: Mage
House Name: Morgan
Title: Miss
Nickname: Red, Immy
Height: Five foot – One hundred fifty two centre meters.
Weight/Build: Small, petite.
Residence: Undisclosed
Birthplace: Boralus
“A goal should scare you a little and excite you a lot”

Physical Description:

The maiden with flame hair, as fierce as she is fair.

The woman that you see, is short barely five foot one, she moves with agility and grace that her small frame allows. She is small and compact, she is toned and physically fit, a body of an acrobat, or hand to hand combat fighter. That or a runaway.
Her facial features seem to be sharp, angled, hawkish. A slim nose set between high cheekbones. Her lips full but rarely forming a smile. A small scar on the left side of her chin. Across her nose and under her eyes, a smattering of freckles.

Bright blue grey eyes watches those around her with an intense almost critical gaze. Yet there is a fear within them, a panicked look that can be seen when she believes no one is watching her. A doe caught in the headlights of a mechano-hog.

Orange sunset locks, capturing the light in vibrant ruby hues; flowing in gentle, warm curls of lava to her mid-back. The mass of red hangs down the female's shoulders and back. Every strand seemed to be a different shade of copper, causing her hair to look like liquid fire. The waves and curls flow freely around her shoulders, reaching nearly the middle of her back. The vast mass is unruly and nearly untameable. Pushed back from her face with head scarf's, or pulled back into a long braid.

Her clothing is simple, made from what can be afforded, found or stolen. Favouring long cloaks that wrap around her petite frame and long shirts and tunics that cover her forearms. She is a mismatched set of colours and fabrics that give nothing away of her skill set. She carries a short sword, various small knives and brass knuckles.

Perhaps her most treasured possession a silver anchor tarnished by age. Held around her neck with a leather thong. Often when unsure, she can be found holding the item. Squeezing it hard enough to leave the imprint upon her palm.

Carried with her, a backpack that seems to carry her very world. Items including but not limited too a worn bedroll, a few well thumbed books, very basic food stuffs, a water canteen that has more dents than smooth surface.

Brief History:

A runaway, wanted by tidemother only knows what. One soul thing seems to give this young woman the iron will to survive. Get back home.

That's it. A quick witted redhead with a silver tongue, it is hard to know what is truth and what is fable from the words that spill from the woman's lips.

A history lost to the depths of the sea, a woman lost on a path that she hopes is leading her home.

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Post by Zazzi » Fri Oct 05, 2018 1:14 pm


CLASS: Hunter
HEIGHT: 6'0"
BUILD: Stocky

APPEARANCE: Tall for a woman but short for her race, Arlakh possesses a stocky build with wide shoulders and few curves – though it’s hard to tell beneath all the layers of cloth and fur. She has guileless blue eyes and a tendency to smile in spite of herself. A traditional hairstyle has the sides of her head shaved clean with a thick braid falling down her back, adorned with silver bands, bits of animal bone, and pretty wildflowers.

No orc should be without battle-scars, but Arlakh’s are few in number, her skin smooth save for a few faded, shallow wolf bites on her ankles and a deeper cut bisecting her left eyebrow. Usually a testament to youth, or worse, inexperience, she makes up for this with an air of gruffness, a gravelly voice well-suited to barking orders at dogs in a firm, commanding tone, and a lack of eloquence.

BRIEF HISTORY: A daughter of the Frostwolf Clan, Arlakh spent her adolescence isolated in the Alterac Mountains, hunting in the snow and hiding from the Alliance presence in neighboring territories. Once a proud warrior, her aging father had retired to rear wolves and worgs for the outriders to use as mounts, and this profession was to become hers once she came of age.

In later years, she saved the runt of an otherwise promising litter of war wolves. While she had no intentions beyond than helping it survive away from it’s mother, it seems inevitable looking back that she would bond with it. The wolf has been a faithful hunting companion ever since.

While most of her clan remained in the Eastern Kingdoms after freeing the other orcs from their internment camps - an event that she took part in, albeit on the fringes, as her first taste of ‘real’ combat - Arlakh followed the new Horde to Kalimdor. The last few years have been spent as a scout (and then as the leader of small scouting parties) in the Barrens and Stonetalon Mountains, combatting the threats in these areas that are ‘closer-to-home’ rather than the result of Alliance excursions.

Recently, she set out to organise a band of adventurers that is better suited to clearing the way for the Horde than a group of regular grunts would be.

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Post by Veradux » Fri Oct 05, 2018 3:14 pm

Name: Richard Oakley
Race: Human
Class: Warrior
Nickname: Rich, Oakey, Log
Height: 6ft 2'
Age: 31
Build: Muscled, broad shoulders.
Residence: Wherever there is work to be done. Stormwind, on occasion.
Birthplace: Moonbrook

“Breathe in courage, breathe out fear.”

Physical Description:

Rich is a grizzled warrior with tall and broad stature, almost imposing if not for a face with strong features and an accompanying beard that smiles and jokes at everyone and anything. Hefting plate and mail for years has certainly aided his form and it's clear to see by the callouses on his hands that he is no stranger to hard work.

Grey eyes observe and shine with mirth as he fights, drinks, smokes and chats with anyone willing, yet always looking for opportunities for both wealth in friends as money. The ideal situation both. His eyes are generally soft except for in the heat of battle, where they seem to almost beat down the enemy in the intensity of his stare.

His dull brown hair is short and often matted, in a perpetual state of 'morning hair' where the only thing Richard cares for is the fact that his helmet fits over it. His beard is trimmed, although shoddily by no doubt a dulled knife or other similar tool.

Simple plate and mail covers him from head to toe in most situations, jingling along as he walks. It is seldom that he is seen without it, but in those moments simple clothes suffice. A grey tunic with brown leather pants that are very plain. Close by always is a pack of cigarettes where Richard takes one from to light in moments of downtime.

When armored, his sword and shield are no doubt connected to him in some way. Along with a backpack stuffed to the brim with supplies that are not easily seen. A waterskin and a mug jingle from it alongside some rope that is looped around the top. Always prepared out in the world.

Brief History:

Richard was a farmhand near Moonbrook for the longest time until the Defias Brotherhood showed up and started to raid the farmstead. Unable to stop them, they decide to give into their demands for 'protection' money. Extorted increasingly more and more, his family was soon unable to pay the protection money and were forced out of the town. With nearly no money and no place to stay, Richard and his two older brothers, Eric and Darius, signed up for the army and used their funds to supply a home and food for their family.

Yet, Richard never seemed to quite fit in with the army. And after a while, he decided to look for other avenues. Approached by a wealthy merchant quickly after his discharge of the army, he was offered a job with good payment to find a missing person. While the task wasn't hard, the pay was good, and Richard started to delve more and more into mercenary work. Escorting a researcher, defending a bulwark of the Alliance or slaying a beast which had attacked a village, Richard did not care, except for the pay.

Nowadays, he lets the wind take him where he is needed, in search for coin and companionship. To drink and enjoy life with. As a free man.

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Post by Ragni » Fri Oct 05, 2018 3:42 pm

Name: Ragni Amberstill (of the Bronzebeard clan)
Race: Dwarf
Class: Warrior
House Name: Amberstill
Nickname:"The Black Ram"
Height: 156 cm (5'1'')
Weight/Build: 79 kg (174 lbs)
Residence: No permanent residence.
Birthplace: Amberstill Ranch in Dun Morogh

Motto: "There is more to see in the world other than this [insert a swear word here] ram farm"

Description: Other then his fiery red hair and temperament, there is not much that distinguishes Ragni from other dwarven warriors in his physical looks. People will sooner notice his foul temper and stubbornness at first, but when they get to know him they will see he is dumb too. Jokes aside, he is ready to offer the help however he can, he will seem like he doesn't care or does you a favor, but in reality he is happy when he can be useful and helpful. Also, he proves how tough he is by taking on the biggest amount of enemies and if it weren't for other's help, he would be long time dead.

Brief History:
Born on the Amberstill Ranch Ragni had decent but quarrelsome upbringing in his family. He never showed much interest in ram breeding or grooming or doing anything with rams which didn't include fighting with them. He shared too many characteristics with rams to really be a part of people who care for them. That's why he was nicknamed "Black Ram", because he was "black sheep" of his family. And while his cousin Veron is making very decent living off breeding and selling rams, Ragni has decided to see what the world has to offer.

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Post by Steelguts » Fri Oct 05, 2018 7:18 pm

Name: Korgoth

Race: Human

Class: Warrior

House Name: None

Title: of Barbaria

Nickname: None

Height: 6,5 ft / 198 cm

Weight/Build: 265 lb / 120 kg

Residence: None

Birthplace: Jotunheim, Northrend

Motto: None

Brief History:

'Great cities of Azeroth have risen and fallen, civilizations grip on mankind has grown weak and are critical. The Twilight Circle seek to renew forgotten covenance and primordial beasts reclaim the wilderness. Out of the frozen North a man emerges. A man of a barbaric age who's merciless savagery may be the only key to his survival. They call him Korgoth.'

Korgoth is infected by a deadly stomach parasite by Gogg-Ma-Gog, a fat little goblin from Kul'Tiras now living in a hovel in the Burning Steppes. Gogg-Ma-Gog is the only one in Azeroth who has the elixir, a laxative, to cure him. Though the elixir takes many seasons to take effect. Therefore Korgoth is forced to do Gogg-Ma-Gogs errands to ensure the enfeeble of the parasite.

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Post by Capuniru » Sat Oct 06, 2018 9:19 am

- BIO -
Name: Math Bazwlin.
Race: Dwarf.
Class: Hunter.
House Name. Bronzebeard Clan.
Title: Nesingwary Expedition Scout's.
Nickname: "Capuniru".
Height: 4.5'.
Weight/Build: 175 lb.
Residence: Anvilmar.
Birthplace: Wetlands.
Motto: "Better to drink at your departure ... than mine!"
Have you ever seen a dwarf? They are low, generally dark-light skin of the most varied shades, and stink of beer ... or at least the vast majority. Have you ever seen one? The odds are two; Either you're a Troll, or you're a dead Troll.
A native of the Wetlands, Math Bazwlin also known as "Capuniru" is a young dwarf belonging to the Bronzebeard Clan. His family, humble hunters who made their living by skinning crocodile skin, sent it to Ironforge at an early age. In the capital, under the supervision of Daera Brightspear, Bazwlin refined the rudimentary hunting techniques taught to him by his family, and with the passing of time he became a promising hunter, rude but promising. Following the latest developments, which see the people of Dun Morogh engaged in a new campaign against the Frostmane Troll, threatening to besiege the settlement of Anvilmar, Bazwlin was urgently sent to Coldridge Valley to give a hand.
This could be only the beginning of an intricate affair, which will see Bazwlin busy overcoming obstacles greater than him, and not only in height ...
"Nesingwary Expedition Scout's"

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Post by Bellybutton » Sun Oct 07, 2018 2:14 am

Name: Huklo Hawkcatcher
Race: Tauren
Class: Warrior
Nickname: Hawk
Height: Tall
Weight/Build: Muscular and bulky
Residence: Central Kalimdor
Birthplace: A nomadic camp in Durotar prior to Orc and Troll settlement.

Physical Description:
Huklo is a tall, youthful Tauren male in the prime of his early adulthood who towers over most people, and is noticeably but not dramatically taller than the average Tauren male. His dark charcoal-coloured pelt is decorated with plenty of minor battle scars, particularly around his shoulders and on his muscular biceps and forearms. His dark pelt lightens into a light gray around his youthful face, adorned with a metal nose ring. Behind his two ears flows two stalks of hair braided and adorned with metal rings. His beard is also braided and adorned with metal rings. On the the top of his head he proudly bares two in-tact, although worn horns, and the start of his flowing dark mane that reaches from his head to his middle-back. His eyes are a dull, earthy brown.

His chest and abdomen are almost entirely muscle as the result of many years of general activity and labour. His chest is almost barren of scars, as he's particularly good at letting his two bulky arms take the blunt of a blow. He has one notable scar on his chest, a healed over bullet wound just to the left of his left nipple. There are numerous minor patches of bare, furless skin where many of his scars are.

Brief Backstory:
Huklo Hawkcatcher was born in a temporary settlement of a nomadic off-shoot of Tauren hunters and gatherers belonging to the Bloodhood Tribe in Durotar between two and three decades ago. He spent the majority of his upbringing learning how to hunt, gather, live off the land and contribute in a small tribe from his strict, but loving father who was a hard-line traditionalist.

His upbringing brought him to Durotar, The Barrens, Mulgore, Stonetalon Mountains, and Thousand Needles and back and forth following Kodo migrations, searching for desirable weather, and being hunted by the vile Centaur. In his travels, Huklo began to grow a fondness and respect for the beasts that inhabited these lands. Impassioned by the thrill of the hunt, he made it his life's goal to hunt down, challenge and slay the most dangerous and infamous of fauna, to prove to the world his dominance over beast.

When the Horde first arrived in Kalimdor, Huklo was at first furious that these strange people were colonizing and permanently settling lands his ancestors have traveled, lived and hunted in for countless generations. He grew less angry when he discovered that the Orcs and Trolls share a similar culture to that of the Tauren peoples and wanted to live in harmony. Huklo grew to respect the Horde when the Horde had helped the Tauren drive the Centaur out of Mulgore, in fact Huklo was one of the many brave Tauren warriors who fought hard to establish a new homeland for the Tauren peoples. It was on this shared battlefield with his Orc and Troll comrades that he felt his first taste of a serious, life-threatening battle, and it was on this battlefield that he began to feel a sense of brotherhood with these foreign people.

Today, Huklo Hawkcatcher has embarked to pursue his dream of being Central Kalimdor's apex hunter. Being the proud and honourable Tauren he is, he tends to get sidetracked investigating and getting involved in problems that threaten the safety of the Tauren people and his newfound Horde allies, all with a looming apprehension at this factional war the Horde has dragged the Tauren peoples into.

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Post by Seabraid » Mon Oct 08, 2018 10:17 pm

Name: Gunnifer Seabraid
Race: Dwarf
House Name: Seabraid
Height: Short
Weight/Build: Stout
Residence: Itinerant, but letters can be posted to her at the Deepwater Tavern, Menethil Harbour
Birthplace: Kul’Tiras

Motto: "Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm…”

A lean, weather-scarred and sun-tanned Kul Tiran dwarf, Seabraid has the countenance of a thundercloud and the tongue of a scurvy old salt. Her sandy-coloured hair is kept in a single long braid that trails down to the small of her back. Her skin is dark and cracked like sailcanvas by wind and salt, covered in crude tattoos like trophies from distant ports, and her emerald eyes twinkle with mischief. She garbs herself as a merchant sailor in the Kul Tiran fashion, with gaudy colours and patterns that would produce frowns and teeth-gnashing among the old longbeards of Ironforge, but are quite at home among the rigging of any Alliance ship. She walks with the uneven gait of one used to a rolling deck at sea, and is much at home in the winesinks and bawdy-homes of ports across Azeroth.

Brief History:
Midshipmate Seabraid made her bones in the Kul Tiran navy, sailing under the colours of Commodore Arthor “Keelhaul” Redmoore, whose reputation for daring broadsides and ruthlessness made him enemies across all the seas. Promoted to oversee the formidable gunlines of Keelhaul’s flagship, the Pride’s Wake, Seabraid proved her mettle in duels with red sail seadogs, perfidious naga, orc warships, and the anger of the waves themselves.

A few years ago, Keelhaul’s fleet departed on an ill-fated expedition to the southerly coasts of Kalimdor, where they were blasted and broken apart by a furious typhoon. As the Pride’s Wake struggled to keep right of the hammering waves, a naga seawitch revealed herself, and her ambush, slaughtering the crew as the ship was wrent apart by the powerful storm. As Seabraid watched from a tangle of rope and wooden debris, the seawitch dueled with mighty Keelhaul. The brave captain had the better of the Naga for a time, but as the ship was torn apart in the maelstrom, she cast upon him a dread curse, transforming the proud Kul Tiran sailor into a pitiful little sea crab.

Commodore Arthor "Keelhaul" Redmoore, current form

Seabraid was near drowned by that storm, but was saved by her former skipper, who grabbed her in his claws and swam her away from the sinking ship and naga assault. She awoke upon distant isles in the aftermath of the storm, lashed to a spar and near-drowned, awakened by the sight of a red crab watching over her.

Now she travels by her Commodore’s side, seeking to undo the curse wrought upon him by finding secrets and clues hidden in ancient ruins and distant lands.

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Post by Mortbolt » Tue Oct 09, 2018 12:07 am

Name: Padric Dayton
Race: Human
Class: Warrior
House Name: N/A
Nickname: Paddy
Height: 6.2
Weight: 87 kg
Age: 29
Build: muscular
Residence: Goldshire
Birthplace: Andorhal

Motto: "Conquer yourself, only then will you be strong!"

Padric is a Tall muscular man, Most people find his appearance intimidating, but he is a gentle person at heart. He has long blonde hair ,that he keeps tied in a ponytail which he considers to be both practical and stylish.
He has Dark green eyes which have a very mischievous light dancing through them.
Padric has almost no scars except for the huge axe wound on his back which he got from a gnoll during a skirmish. He is always smiling no matter the situation.

Brief history:
Padric was born in Andorhal 25 years before the third war, his mother worked as a clerk in the town hall, his father was a soldier in lordaeron's army, he has no siblings. padric was mostly just a quiet town boy until the age of 12 when his father decided to retire and move to elwynn forest to settle down there and also help out in rebuilding the newly restored kingdom of stormwind. Padric did not take this change well, he did not want to be separated from all his friends and he did everything he could to make the transition harder than it had to be for both of his parents. even after they arrived to elwynn and settled on the little piece of land ,in Goldshire, that his father got from the king, padric continued to cause trouble both at home and in town. He would always get in fights with the local children, if there was a trouble in town it was almost always his fault, during this time period padric discovered his love and talent for brawling, while he settled down couple of years later and got used to his new home, he would still get in fights (mostly causing them himself) by the time he was 18 he was known as the meanest person in town who would start a fight over the most trivial of reason, around that time he got in a fight with city guard who bumped into him on hes way out of the tavern, he beat the fully armored and trained man to unconciousness, This fact went into his head and he started bragging about his skill as a fighter, that is until he met marshal haggard one fateful evening. Haggard was already getting close to his long awaited retirement, Padric who let his victory ,over a simple guard, go to his head decided to take on the marshal........the resulting beatdown left him unconcious for a week.
Months passed after the above mentioned incident padric was furious and actively sought haggard to prove that he was stronger than him, though unfortunately he was unable to find him. One quiet evening town of Goldshire was attacked by a band of riverpaw gnolls led by a Gnoll named "Sharp claw" Padric was among the few who volunteered to fight the threat and being the proud young man he decided to take on the leader, 'Sharp claw" easily avoided his pathetic swing and struck him in the back with an axe, padric would have died there and then, had he not been save by the very man he swore vengeance against, Marshal Haggard. Padrics world was turned upside down, on one hand he was grateful of Haggard saving him and admired his prowess in combat, but on the other hand he could not forget the shame he experienced at the hands of the man. After a long contemplation he swallowed his pride, went to the marshal's home and asked him for training in the art of combat. Seeing the potential in the boy Haggard agreed and started training him, he would train him during his free time at first and after Padric gained some semblance of skill he started taking him on the patrol missions, during one joint patrol with the dwarves from ironforge, the dwarven captain Furin Beardbraid let padric taste the famous rhapsody mals and thus began his addiction to that particular beverage. over the years Padric gained the skill and experience enough to call himself a Formidable warrior,
after Haggard retired padric struck out as an adventuring mercenary across the continent, every time he is back in elwynn he visits Haggard and helps him around the house.
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Post by Potatoknight » Thu Oct 11, 2018 9:36 pm

Name: I'm Gwynera, Gwynera Orchardist if you want the full name!

Race: I am a human.

Class: I am a Priestess of the Holy Light!

House Name: Light, I'm just a common woman!

Title: Nope. Priestess, I suppose?

Nickname: I've heard Apple (Because my family grew apples!), Gwyn, Nera, it's all fine with me. Just don't call me Blondie.

Height: I've met only a few who were shorter.

Weight/Build: That's rather personal! Err, I guess I'm tiny and thin?

Residence: Wherever I can rest my head down, these days!

Birthplace: Elwynn, my family had an Orchard there.

Motto: Err...? Light bless you?

Physical Description: Ah, uhm, my friends would say I'm fair. I've got golden hair that I try to keep neat. I stay as clean and tidy as I can considering how much I travel! I'm pretty short and whatever the opposite of muscular is, is me! I dress modestly, I suppose I'm shapely but I don't like to show off too much, distractions and all of that. Oh and I've got a good singing voice!

Brief History: Not much to talk about there! My family were Orchardists as I said - that's where I got my name! They were meagre and poor and I wasn't much use around during the colder months, so they offered me to the Church, the Clerics in Northshire, who took me in. There I was educated in the Holy Light... didn't much like the sheltered, closed-off existance though! Soon as I was old enough to decide for myself, I set off with what little the Clerics could offer and never looked back! Today I travel Azeroth, spreading the Light where I can, healing the sick, being a good person, hopefully!

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Post by Deadcrow » Fri Nov 09, 2018 2:17 am

Name: Jarom Vail

Race: Forsaken

Class: Warlock

House Name: None

Title: Brewer

Nickname: Lefty

Height: 5'9"

Weight/Build: 90lbs soaking wet, you could call him svelte . . . maybe?

Residence: Brill Currently

Birthplace: Hazy, maybe Lordran?

Motto: When in doubt Immolate!

Physical Description: Thin, wiry slight hunch to his posture, but with a hunger in his eyes (For knowledge not just for flesh), usually muttering formulae to himself

Brief History: Jarom didn't remember much from his death, but he did remember his awakening alone, cold, with only the knowledge of various curses and demonic information, it wasn't until the grave keepers broke open his coffin did he realize what had transpired, Jarom was dead. He had to have been a researcher in a former life for all he knew but everything else about his former life (and his death) was a blur . . . although he has a particular dislike of fish for some reason. Without anything better to do he decided to join the Royal Apothecary Society and learn Potion making as a trade to keep him occupied. Mostly he can be seen searching the lands for ingredients and occasionally arguing with his Imp, Quarzin.

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Re: Character Bio Thread

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  • Name: Mimblis Evermorne
  • Race: Human
  • Class: Paladin
  • House Name: N/A
  • Title: Templar
  • Nickname: Evermorne
  • Height: 6'
  • Weight/Build: 180 lb.
  • Residence: Stormwind City
  • Birthplace: Stormwind City
  • Motto:
    I'll seek justice for those who defy it.
Physical Description:
  • An uncanny, stoic figure, this old man stands as one of the original members of the Knights of the Silver Hand. His body may be pale, but his hazel eyes are still glimmering with youthfulness.
Brief History:
  • Following the events of the Third War, Evermorne went to seek faith in the Northshire Abbey. His mind was still plagued by the loss of his friend - Uther Lightbringer, and his thoughts didn't stray far from the letter he received from him an year ago. Even though still considered by most a Templar, Evermorne seems to have cut ties with the rest of the Knights of the Silver Hand, maybe to regain his faith and will, and return to the battlefield as strong as before. Most old people knew of Mimblis' powers, but the younger folk tend to look the other way when approaching him. It's surely a matter of time for him to return and become prestigious again.
Art Gallery:
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