The Congress of TurtleWow Roleplay

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The Congress of TurtleWow Roleplay

Post by Casanova » Fri Oct 04, 2019 1:54 am

Community announcement:

We’ve all felt it.
The arrival of Classic and the end of summer holidays.

These two events have changed the TurtleWoW roleplay community. Sadly, not for the better. Roleplay Guilds have been disappearing.
Our roleplay community has shrunk. Smaller? Yes. Defeated? No. We refuse to stand idly by while the roleplay community struggles. It is time for all the Roleplay Guilds to work together to achieve both larger and higher quality roleplay.

We call for a <Congress of TurtleWoW Roleplay>

This will be an OOC organisation. Here we will collate all the roleplay systems and lore from different guilds into one place. Changing from one roleplay system to another will never be easier. Finding out which guild controls what territory will be simple. Multi-Guild events will no longer be as much of an organisational nightmare. Each guild will be autonomous, but connected to others like never before.

The following guilds are already members:
<The Greysteel Company>
<The Crimson Eagle>
<Ghosts of Lordaeron>
<Cenarion Circle>
<Raven Trade Co>
<The Knights Templars>

Will you join our ranks? Will you join a roleplay organisation that will stand the test of time? May the future be ours! Glory to TurtleWoW Roleplay!

<Signed Council Member John on behalf of Council Members Caleth, Talvik and Danwell>

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