Horde Roleplaying Chatroom

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Horde Roleplaying Chatroom

Post by Mrmarbod » Wed Feb 13, 2019 7:33 pm

Hello RP-enthusiasts. Since we are not too many people on the Server especially on Horde Side the idea for a RP-Chatroom was born.
This would help with general RP outside of Guilds, spontaneous RP without the need of standing in a special Location and of course with finding friends (or foes who knows)

To Join just Type /join Teleweb and you are in the Channel. Of course we need rules, and since this is the first time I am starting something like this please bear with me, I hope for constructive criticism and I am thankful for everyone who wants to help with other ideas. If someone goes on your nerves just /ignore and keep on playing.
1) The Channel is strictly IC. Please use other ways of communication if you want to discuss stuff OOC.
2) Don't feed trolls. When someone clearly tries to disrupt you get ignored, don't answer them. Ofcourse there is the possibility of writing in the wrong chat, if so please write something like "Oh my thoughts were drifting off, I'm still getting used to this kind of magic"
3) New People are WELCOME. When someone is new and does something that doesn't seem to fit just tell them in a polite way.
4) You can use this Chatroom for Trading, finding a Group, etc. as long as you do it in a RP way. OFcourse if you find a Group through this Channel it's quite possible that the group wants to go into the dungeon IC.

When I forgot something please just answere here, also please tell me if you like the idea or anything that could improve this.
Hello Friend

The newest Idea to aid the Horde in the fight against their enemies, a telepathic Network to make communication easier. Faster than any Letter, it is possible to receive and send thoughts of everyone within the web. Of course in the beginning you might have problems clearing your mind, sometimes thoughts that weren't meant for others might slip out but this should be learned quite fast. When you get too scared of some of the voices you are even able to ban them from your mind. When it still scares you too much there is the possibility of leaving the web anytime.
The idea behind "The Teleweb" is a magical communication, established by arcane Magic of the Forsaken. If you hear someone you have not heard before ask them for their name and your instinct will tell you when the same Person is talking to you again. No Mind speaks like the other, so it is really easy to distinguish them.
When you have questions, don't hesitate to ask Berthold.
May our Enemies perish


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Re: Horde Roleplaying Chatroom

Post by Pigglebee » Thu Feb 14, 2019 4:23 pm

How dare you call the Goblin Voice Displacing TransmoPhone (gPhone for short) 'teleweb' !!!!

That's high end goblin engineering stuff you know!

True roleplayers will also throw in a line with the words spelled backwards now and then. There is a chance of failure. That's also goblin engineering 101 after all.
[Pickles, lvl 60 Tauren druid]

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Re: Horde Roleplaying Chatroom

Post by Baas » Thu Mar 07, 2019 11:56 am

The channel is always empty. Noone answers to me in general or world channels either. The Crossroads are empty. Where is the RP, if at all?

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Re: Horde Roleplaying Chatroom

Post by Peeves » Thu Mar 07, 2019 3:27 pm

Baas wrote:
Thu Mar 07, 2019 11:56 am
The channel is always empty. Noone answers to me in general or world channels either. The Crossroads are empty. Where is the RP, if at all?
This thread is outdated, as with the advent of diplomatic relations to the server, the one and only channel to be used for RP, trading and fun is solidified to be the /world channel.

I do not know why nobody answered you. Maybe you are from Europe, like me. Most people here seem to play during the nights for us, while weekdays are of course the most active. You can check who's online, add friends, make relations, and soon you'll find what you're looking for. We are not many, but all of us know the purpose of the server. The RP is everywhere, you are just prejudging the situation a bit. I saw you being level 9 yesterday, not much RP is done on the lower levels, as the realm has been active for months now. I've addressed this issue before and gave ideas for supporting specifically low-level RP, but those didn't go well with the community and developers, for some reason. I'm an alliance, but I'd love to quest with you in Ratchet! See you in game, Baas.

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