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Post by Kiltzombie » Thu Jan 13, 2022 4:46 am

Arkei Windtree (my son's names IRL initials are R and K so spelled phonetically is Arkei. The first borns name means an ash tree and the youngest means mountain breeze and so you get Windtree)
Night Elf
Cenarion Circle
Physical description: work in progress
Born in Starbreeze Village,425 BDP. His mother was a priestess of Elune and his father a leather worker. From an early age Arkei showed an affinity for nature and an aptitude for druidism. Becoming a Druid would be the expected path for any male with his talents and a path he yearned to take.

That path would be forbidden to him. His mother did everything in her power to keep Arkei from becoming a druid for it had only led their family to ruin in the past.

Akei's grandfather was a druid. He fought in the War of the Satyr. The war cost many lives. The night elves were desperate and so some druids took up desperate measures. He became a Druid of the Scythe, utilizing the form of the pact and ultimately was lost to unrelenting rage. He was among those banished to the Emerald Dream leaving his daughter fatherless and the family shamed.

With his dream of becoming a druid forbidden by family history and pain, Arkei dabbled in leatherwork and healing. Being a male he could not become a priest of Elune but still learned what he could from his mother. Time passed with Arkei just going through the motions of life yearning for something more.

The Burning Legion returned and is at the footsteps of Mount Hyjal. All of his people fight to save Azeroth. Arkei went to war to help heal the wounded. He does all he can but a sense of helplessness and rage starts to fill him. He wants to do more. Something is telling him he can do more.

Weariness sets in after seeing so many lives lost and nature destroyed. Arkei goes to the front lines not caring for his own safety. Sentinels are bravely holding the line. The Druids are fighting in their bestial forms. The Priestesses of Elune are healing the wounded.

Through the chaos of battle he sees his mother. An infernal is breaking through the lines. Arkei charges towards his mother but it's too late. The group or priestesses are incinerated in fel fire. The rage that had been building overwhelmed him and he was immediately filled with a primal vigor. He kept charging but now on all fours. Filled with bestial strength and agility he leapt into the demonic horde. He was no longer a Night Elf but a bear, filled with all of nature's wrath.

Arkei found his way to the path. The way of the Druid was his calling.

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Post by Triana » Mon Jan 17, 2022 11:22 pm

Birth name: Unknown/uncertain

Used name: Yx

Honorifics: Hedge-mage, of the Flame, of Kalimdor, Wrathcaster

Age: Twenties

Race: Human (Alteraci)

Occupation: Hedge-mage; self-employed; cultist

Home: None/itinerant currently; formely Ratchet

Likes: FIRE. Talking to fire, looking at the sun, fervent worship of the Hungering Flame

(and to a lesser but notable degree: Outer Space, Free Cities, Certain pirate groups, spicy food, Goblin 'culture', the Steamwheedle Cartel, the idea of science, Twilight's Hammer)

Dislikes: The absence of something, (anything!) being on fire. Those who doubt the indescribable Hunger of the Flame {angrily}.

(and, again, to a lesser extent: anything that threatens free cities, Stormwind politics, Theramore legal system)

Interesting facts:

-Started own religion? (It is not clear to anyone who talks to him what he or his cultist activities are about, beyond the obvious)

-Not always all that coherent

-Lifetaps down to nothing when not in skirmishes— no compromise.

-Doesn't really understand what the "Alliance" or “Horde” is.

-Tends to be "brought along" generally and doesn't feel that strongly about most conflict.

-Speculated that the name YX comes from being simple symbols to draw in sand.

-Generally manic, though with some extended periods of calm.

-Harnesses flame direct from the stuff of the Twisting Nether

-Family/friends prior to his 'conversion' worry for his well-being

-Single target hellfire

Alignment: Chaotic neutral

Background story:

The exact details and dates regarding Yx are not clear. The following is the best approximation from those close to him.

Yx was born to a merchant family of humans living in Kalimdor. It is generally said that the family was neither of great station nor standing but were known for having deep roots in the land of Alterac. They had fled the wars ravaging the Eastern Kingdoms early and had done relatively well for themselves. Despite this, it was said that their Alteraci heritage and the haste with which they fled led their fellow humans to shun and distrust this family, and that they were forced to seek umbrage with those outside of their race.

Fortunately for the family, they had already established trading ties in the Free City of Ratchet. Although it is not known how, when, or why exactly it happened, Yx came to be involved with the notable warlock coven that practices there. In this coven of goblins his initiation into magical instruction took place.

Sometime after reaching adulthood Yx's proficiency in fire magic began to become apparent. Initially, attempts were made at harnessing the magical flames in the name of 'science' and profit, but these ended in misfortune for the not-magically-proficient. In any case, his renown grew in coastal Kalimdor and he, emboldened, set forth on a journey Southward Bound.

It was on this journey that whispers in his campfire led Yx deep into the deserts of Tanaris. There he stayed for many months without giving word. When he returned, nearly naked and clearly forever changed, he began to practice a new religion. He saw clearly the Hunger of the Flame.
Nowadays, Yx adventures, fishes, helps out, and continues to participate in skirmishes, though his motivation for doing so seems to be more spiritually driven than out of any sort of allegiance.

Despite his state of mind and being, Yx has been tempered and brought somewhat more into the fold by his many companions. Look for Yx around Northern Kalimdor. He can often be found beside the fire at the Ered Ruin base camp in Demonfall Canyon.

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Post by Widogast » Wed Jan 19, 2022 10:06 pm

•Name: Firion Dawnseeker
•Race: Quel'dorei (High Elf)
•Class: Swordsman (Warrior)
•House Name: Dawnseeker
•Height: 6'2"
•Weight/Build: 226 lbs
•Residence: The Open Road
•Birthplace: Sunwell Isle, Quel'danas

It's not about whether I can or can't: I'm doing this because I want to. I decided while riding those rickety carts into Loch Modan that I was going to retrieve my family's blade. If I've got to die fighting for that, then I'd die! Simple as that!
He spoke of his death, smiling.

•Physical Description and Personality Profile:
Handsome, youthful features marred by the scars of conflict carry an expression of optimism and mirthful dreams to push him ever-forward. When time allows, the pale-haired elf was often seen laughing with his friends and day dreaming off into the distance of a reckless goal that most other elves balked at when he spoke of. Living up to the name Dawnseeker, Firion's body was a muscular temple hewn from hardship and necessity, rather than devotion to aesthetic that left him with a uniquely strong frame contrasting his peers.

Function over form when it came to equipment, Firion was unashamed to arm himself with items of dwarven make or even to draw upon enchantments from the trolls. A forward-thinker and unconcerned with the conflicts of the Alliance and Horde, Firion saw the world as an opportunity to find allies and friendly rivals around every corner. The world was too bleak, filled with too much hardship to go seeking to make more of it.

What good would all the treasure from adventures be if I was alone? I can only get there with help. Without these guys behind me, I don't think I'd make it very far but I'd still try. Lucky, I don't have to think about that!

•Brief History:
Born to the prestigious House Dawnseeker, Firion applied himself to live up to the name in every way that he could. It wasn't a question of whether or not he would be the best with a sword, it was a matter of that was all he could conceive to be. Tireless, humble, and willing to train until his hands bled, the young elf lived in the most idyllic place in the world to support his lifestyle. Devoted to the art of swordplay while his peers took to the bow or arcane arts, Firion sought to prove that the blade was equally as deserving of respect for its craft. Inspired and determined by the hero of his house that claimed the Sister Blade and cut a name for elven blademasters into history during the Troll Wars, Firion would have likely come to be known as a peerless swordsman would things have turned out differently and he was allowed to hone his skills over the course of decades, if not centuries.

The invasion led by Lordaeron's ghostly prince, the scarring of Quel'thalas, and the subsequent destruction of the Sunwell broke all aspirations and dreams of artistic aspiration and self-exploration, leaving a void in its wake that made each living elf important, a remnant that held the responsibility to the fallen that they must persist and reclaim what was lost. Too weak at the time to join the hero-prince Kael'thas Sunstrider, Firion would have to watch as his best friends and fellow swordsmen that survived the fall went off to fight for their futures, only for him to never see them again.

When finally the choice was made to seek refuge south in the arms of the Alliance, Firion had slowly felt his strength returning with his resolve. The sickness he felt in the wake of the Sunwell was fading, even though he did not make ample use of magic, his youth and the extent of his injuries in the absence of flourishing magic are what caused him such lethargy. Upon reaching the safe haven of Loch Modan and reclaiming the abandoned Farstrider Lodge, Firion set off on his own to seek adventure and do the impossible, hoping to breathe an air of hope back into his people like Thalorien used to do.

  • Areia Silverlock, Argent Confessor
  • Grimcackle, Gnoll Huntsman
  • Isumea, Banshee Assassin
  • Horgrag, Ogre Chieftain

•Art Gallery:
Face Reference:
Image ... 40/photo/1

Body Reference: (Warning: Heavy anime scars, little bit of blood)

Thalorien Dawnseeker Concept Art, Inspiration:

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Post by Bisbyhoughton » Sat Feb 05, 2022 7:42 am

Name: Durgis Bak

Race: Goblin

Class: Hunter

Title: Rock and gem enthusiast

Height: 3'2"

Weight/Build: Slim

Residence: Sparkwater

Birthplace: Sparkwater

Motto: "Crack it open, see if it's shiny!"

Physical Description: A lithe little shit whose arms are covered in scratch marks from his various animal companions. He keeps a cap on at all times to keep the coastal Kalimdor sun off his head and a bag full of mining supplies and daggers on hand to deal with anybody who dares interrupt his frequent seaside siestas.

Brief History: Born and raised in Sparkwater among the Durotar Labor Union, Durgis has never been much of one for taking orders. As a young goblin, he frequently found himself on the receiving end of a salvage boss's "productivity encouragement device" due to his slackadaisical nature but that did not stop him from developing a profound love for all things related to geology and mining in between naps. Having been respectfully cut from the union's on-call labor pool due to lack of giving a shit about making yet another boss some more money, Durgis now founds himself roaming Durotar and The Barrens in search of new adventures.
Durgis Bak - Goblin Hunter and Preeminent Slacker

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Post by Pistol » Fri Feb 18, 2022 5:08 am

Name: Sir Vorick Zoller
Race: Forsaken (Formerly Human)

Class: Knight

House Name: Zoller

Title: 6th Baron of Caer Daun

Nickname: N/A

Height: 6'02" (1.90 Meters)

Weight/Build: Nearly Skeletal

Residence: None

Birthplace: Silverpine Forest, Kingdom of Lordaeron.

Re-Birthplace: Silverpine Forest, Kingdom of Lordaeron.

Motto: Lordaeron yet lives.

Physical Description:

Sir Vorick rotted for nearly twenty years within his family crypt, what remains of him is nought but bone held together by the rusting plate armor entombing him.
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Vorick Level 60 Warrior
Guildmaster of <Hand of Wrath>
And numerous other characters

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Post by Razzz » Tue Mar 01, 2022 10:14 pm

Name: Lucille Grimlily

Race: Forsaken (Human type)

Class: Rogue

Title: The Limb Lady

Nickname: Lucy

Height: 5'9"

Weight/Build: 130 lbs / "Not much meat left on these bones."

Residence: "I can't afford one of those, no!"

Birthplace: Tirisfal Glades

Motto: "You wanna deal? I gotta deal! Yes!"

Physical Description:

Everything about Lucy is just...wrong. From her matted hair to her claw like toes, every little detail is somehow more gruesome than the last. She wears a raggedy leather shirt with matching shorts underneath a large, black trench coat. A coat which happens to drip blood at a constant rate and always smells like rotten meat. She seems to own an unknown amount of daggers as well. Where she keeps them is another mystery as her coat is filled to the brim with body parts. Her voice is equivalent to a giddy child's who just learned a new curse word.

Brief History:

Lucy doesn't speak of her past much at all. If one were to go by her demeanor and attitude then she likely died at a very young age, possibly even a teenager. She speaks quickly, loudly, and enthusiastically everywhere she goes. Most especially when she's attempting to do business with her fellow members of the Horde. Said business? Limbs! Where is she getting them? Alliance folk! And maybe a few gnolls, kobolds, and murlocs if they're in season. Once promised to bring in naga limbs to spice things up only to find out that nagas are limbless.

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Post by Raukodor » Thu Mar 10, 2022 9:20 am

Race: Orc
Class: Blademaster
Title: The explorer/the wanderer
Height: average for a orc
Weight/Build: strong but agile
Residence: wherever someone hired him
Birthplace: nagrand (draenor)
Motto: "never forget honor"
Physical Description: muscular Orc but agile. With long white beard and sharp eyes. Most notable trait his red skin and green-glowing eyes
Brief History:
"A Veteran old warrior who was born long time a go in Draenor. He was part of the Burning blade clan where most fiercest warriors were made because the toughness of his traditions and his spartan training"

At very Young age Khanzo showed being very skillful and strong. Being capable to beat even his fiercest enemies:the ogres.

When first horde was made Gul Dan saw Khanzo's skills; and like all the strongest orc warriorst he made khanzo part of his personal guard. (Something that caused a deep resentment between other orcs)

Years passed and the demonic corruption turned the powerful and honorable burning blade clan into a cult of warlock and mindless warriors.

at the end of the second war when gul dan betray the horde in his pursuit of power; khanzo left the ranks of the shadow council because is lack of honor. And joined The first horde in the last assault

At the end of second war when the horde was defeated he went to Blackrock mountain, where a blademaster named Jubei'Thos ruled over all the forces who scape from aliance.

Inside Blackrock mountain the "dark horde" fought with the dark iron dwarves for the control of the mountain. In one of those skirmishes Khanzo was ambushed by the dark iron emperor himself and his forces.

The emperor was pleased by the martial skills of khanzo and using his powerful magic they captured Khanzo. All for emperor sadistic fun. He keept khanzo into his personal arena where had to fought against terrible beast and foes.

Time passed and Thaurissan had the cruel idea of making khanzo his own war tool.
With the help of Thaurissan's most powerful mages and most skilled artisans they created a magical jewel. A necklace wich made khanzo a slave of emperors will.

It was a sucess. In some time thanx to his combat skills and his táctics they won a lot of chambers of the mountain where the dark horde had reclaimed

But Thaurissan forgot a detail: khanzo wasnt a ordinary orc. He is a blademaster. A true warrior strong in body and mind with a iron Will.

Time was passing and when khanzo had his will fully back he managed to scape from dark irons; and went back to.the dark horde forces. Jubei'Thos had to spare him because he was a honorable and fierce warrior and he need it.

Time passed. After some time Jubei'Thos and some of his forces (khanzo lead the Blackrock explorers) went to alterac mountains and built a demon Gate because they felt the burning legion's return. But the dark Prince Arthas and his endless undead forces defeated the orc forces.

Very few orcs returned to Blackrock mountain. There the treacherous son of blackhand, Rend, took control over the forces in Jubei'Thos absence.

Rend commanded his forces kill Khanzo, calling him traitor to his horde (because he was feared of khanzo's power and he dont want lose his position)

So khanzo managed to scape from Blackrock mountain and had to run away from aliance forces and dark horde too so he had to wander all.around the world. Hooded and selling his skills as mercenary

Time passed and he knew the new horde. The thrall's horde where he was well recived.

But khanzo dont forgot. He want his most hated enemies (the dark iron emperor and the dark horde warlord) dead.
And he want Bring back the power and the honor to his forgotten and corrupted clan; slaying rend and get the control over the old "dark horde" and making honorable again; and later cleaning blackrok mountain from the control of dark irons and other dark forces (like black dragonflight). A pretty hard task.

But he is old. And he is alone. So for complete his task he need power. He contact with some warlocks to regain his strenght. And he did it but He became a fel orc but thanxs to his discipline and strong spirit he is not corrupted and keep all his will
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Khanzo. Blademaster and Explorer

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Post by Razzz » Sat Mar 12, 2022 12:40 am

Name: Belinda Rosewither

Race: Forsaken (Human type)

Class: Priestess

Title: The Maggot Muncher

Nickname: Belle

Height: 5'5" ft

Weight/Build: 145 lbs / Thin and fleshy

Residence: Tarren Mill

Birthplace: Tirisfal Glades

Motto: "Are you going to finish that?"

Physical Description:

Belinda has no face, big hair, and smells like your grandmother's toes. Her voice is quiet and gentle, and seems to quiver ever so slightly whenever she speaks. She wears a lovely, long, lavender robe which is ruined by countless splotches of blood, dirt, and unspeakable messes. If one were to wonder where she keeps her adventuring supplies then worry not! Her tangled tower of dandruff doubles as five runecloth bags.

Brief History:

If any curious warrior of the Horde were to ask how old Belinda was when she died she'd simply giggle and tease, "I'm far too old for you, dearie, but I'm flattered! Teehee!" And if any humanoid folk with Alliance ties were to ask her the same then she'd murder them and devour their flesh starting with their face. That's it. That's her deal. Harmless grandmother type to the Horde, abominable nightmare to the Alliance. Besides flirting and slaughtering various denizens of Azeroth, she also hoards, well, EVERYTHING. Bones, jewels, fake jewels, murloc scales, poor quality equipment, rusty nails, and the world's saddest cat who should really be dead by now. Said hoard exists somewhere around Swamp of Sorrows. Not that it's worth looking for. Unless you want to save lil Mittens...

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Post by Jolikmc » Tue Jun 21, 2022 7:09 pm

Eh. I may as well toss my collection of characters onto this pinned topic. At the very least, it should give someone, somewhere, something to read for a bit, yeah?

Jovileane "Jo" Blackguard, the Wayward One (Jovileane) – High Elf, "Middle-lower class?" (Rogue)
Character Diamond: Playful – Friendly – Cocky – Immature
Motto: "Let's see what makes you tick!"
Emotion: Curious

Physical Traits
Eye Color: Blue-green
Height: 169 cm
Weight: 40 kg

Physical Description
Tall and slender like the trees they enjoy, high elven anatomy is enough to put most fashion-conscious human women to shame. And unfortunately for them, this particular elf takes pride in her appearance.

Fair-skinned with eyes of a blue-green complexion, the elven woman stands with a slant to her shorter-than-most frame, frequently looking bored and occasionally looking for trouble. There are some light abrasions on her arms and a few on her legs – signs of light combat – though none of them look too deep or too old. Her soft lips, accented by a berry-like blue, are regularly curled into a smile… or the occasional grin… and her smooth face appears young, even by elven standards, and… perhaps… a little impish, too.
She keeps her long, black, shoulder-length hair curled around her shoulders like a cloak, some bangs kept at bay by an ornate headband while some stay swept just above her eyes and to the left in two "tufts". The girl also wears a trio of silver studs in each of her long ears, a matching necklace dangling to her collarbone, and a silver ring on her left ring finger.

With the way this girl presents herself, one might think she were a troublemaker. Maybe she is. Or maybe… she just likes to have a good time.

Geographical History
Home: Nomadic
Birthplace: Silvermoon City, Quel'Thalas

Personal History (in brief)
During the time of the Second War, a well-to-do couple of noble upbringing were raising a child within the walls of Silvermoon City. The child was named Jovileane and… she was something of a troubled child. She wanted to be a treasure hunter travel the world! Her parents countered, telling her that she was to be wed to the head of an influential house. She pushed back and lashed out every chance she had. This went on for many years…

Eventually, the day of the Light-blessed event came and Jovileane was dressed in the finest silks. She was unusually docile, that day, as if accepting her place as a diplomatic peace offering. Just as she was prompted to say "I do" to the noble, a bunch of hoodlums rode in on colorful hawkstriders and stole the elven maiden away! However, she managed to escape, laughing as the guards chased the rebellious youths into the woods. She started to slip away, using the commotion as a distraction, when suddenly… the leader of the gang appeared from the shadows and held her at knife-point! She smirked… then she threw herself into his arms and kissed him! The man was her best childhood friend… and a key part her grand plan to exile herself from Quel'Thalas. She had had enough of her tyrannical parents.

Late that night, the elf known as Arlor Firefall helped her onto an out-bound cargo ship. They kissed their goodbyes and the next morning… she was on her way to the Kingdom of Azeroth.
Marian Blake (Marianblake) – Forsaken, Priest
Character Diamond: Stoic – Resolute – Pious – Incurious
Emotion: Devoid
Motto: "This is my penance."

Physical Traits
Eye Color: Unknown
Height: 183 Cm
Weight: 6 st, 7 lb

Physical Description
A tall, slender woman stands as well as she can. Skin decayed and bones exposed, she is but one of the many undead that appear in this world.

It's clear from the state of her hair that vanity isn't her highest priority. Scraggly and unkempt, her raven locks rest on behind her ears and rest on her shoulders and down her back. It's quite hard to get a read on her emotional state. Blackened lips show no signs of joy nor sorrow and not anything in between and her eyes lie hidden by a cross-shaped harness that may well be keeping her decomposing head from falling apart. Her skin is pale, somewhere between green and white. Her face shows peeling and tearing of flesh and the skin on her chin is completely missing. Barely any tendons remain at the exposed joins of her arms and legs and her feet and hands still end in exposed, spike-like bones – though she lacks the expected protrusions at her shoulders, hips, and bowed spine. A scent of decay clings to her reanimated body, though it pales compared to the scent of clean linen coming from her clothing. Maybe she's aware of her own fetor…

For an undead woman, she seems to be keeping herself together fairly well. Even so, she IS undead, which begs the question: is she friend or foe?

Geographical History
Home: Deathknell, Tirisfal
Birthplace: Brill, Tirisfal

Personal History (in brief)
If one were to ask Marian about her past, she would claim not to remember but tell them the Curse of Undeath is penance for the sins she committed in life, whatever they were. However, she half-lying. She remembers. She remembers well

She remembers life in Brill. Her parents were kind, pious bakers. She recalls an influx of refugees from Stormwind and becoming friends with a boy named "Harold" who hailed from there. She remembers arguing with him before her 8th birthday only to get an apology in the form of a flower. She remembers playing with him in the nearby forest and she remembers going off to train in healing at Vandermar Church, making him so jealous, he stole their Holy Symbol to get her attention. When something changed at the church, it prompted her to set out on a pilgrimage to Stormwind and she remembers Harold "borrowing" a horse-drawn carriage to get them to Lordaeron… only to turn back when they learned that Brill was besieged by the undead. Her last memory is the horrified look on Harold's face as she was run through by the longsword of a reanimated skeleton, defending her home.

The Curse of Undeath is her penance for her sins. Leaving her town… her family… her best friend… to fall under the Scourge… She keeps these memories close to her heart along with the Holy Symbol that Harold returned to her.

She remembers. And she can never be that weak, again.
Takala Gloomsinger of the Farwanderers Tribe (Gloomsinger) – Tauren, "Naturalist" (Druid)
Character Diamond: Open-Minded – Inquisitive – Compulsive – Stubborn
Motto: "Life… death… and something in between."
Emotion: Neutral

Physical Traits
Eye Color: Red
Height: 271 cm
Weight: 267 kg

Physical Description
Tauren can typically be described as hugely tall but usually not too imposing. This tauren woman fits right into that mold perfectly – though she does seem a little shorter and less muscular than most. Her gray fur seems dingier than normal, too, and she smells of rot and decay despite being, well, alive. It's hard to place an age on her from that, alone, but she seems to be of a mature age, if not actually an adult.

This bipedal bovine has short horns of a dirty tan coloration. Her hair is long and braided, kept in loops behind her ears. There are white streaks across her muzzle and her eyes are as red as the setting sun. As with most tauren, her hands are tan, devoid of fur, and each of three fingers end in shiny, hoof-like tips. Her body bears no real distinguishing marks, though she does seem to keep some multi-color hair ties – the same kind in her looped braids – wrapped around the end of her black-tipped tail.

This woman seems like she's been in some dank, smelly places, but it doesn't seem to bother her. It's all a part of life, after all. Why worry?

Geographical History
Home: Nomadic
Birthplace: The Barrens

Personal History (in brief)
Many moons prior to the joining the Horde, a youngling was born to the Farwanderers tribe of tauren. She was given the name "Takala" and, much like her namesake, rapidly grew. And as she grew, she began to wonder… Life. Death. Rebirth. These are all concepts familiar to those attuned to nature. But what about something… in-between? These thoughts made her elders uneasy but they were quick to dismiss them, suggesting Takala return to her studies of nature.

Around the time Takala grew into adulthood, she found herself wandering with the Bloodhoof tribe of tauren, then eventually became a part of what was called "The Horde". While her friends and family left to fight some war for the Horde, she stayed behind to help with the founding of Thunder Bluff, eventually settling in Bloodhoof Village.

Some time after the Horde's "great war", she was becoming bored… listless… She needed something new in her life. As luck would have it, she noticed a strange entourage on the path to Thunder Bluff, one day: creatures of rotting flesh, bones, death and decay… yet just as "alive" as she. It was like nothing she had ever seen! Yet somehow, even as a child, she knew they existed. She had to learn more.

And so, she headed out with the envoy, set across the sea, and began a new life, studying the Plague of Undeath and those affected by it.
The Klotzirt Goldtask, "Merchant Extraordinaire" (Klotzirt) – Goblin, "Merchant" (Warlock)
Character Diamond: Industrious – Discerning – Egotistical – Greedy
Motto: "Insert gold, get goods."
Emotion: Greedy

Physical Traits
Eye Color: Black
Height: 120 cm
Weight: 20 kg

Physical Description
Goblins are known for looking shifty and shady. Unfortunately, this one also appears to be shifty and shady, as well as pudgy. He's definitely eating well.

Standing about four heads tall and looking like he could miss a meal or two, this goblin looks like he's ready to do some business. He frequently rubs his scraggly, orange sideburns and strokes his short greasy goatee as his eyes, black-as-coal, survey the area for his next mark. His teeth and nails are yellow, his skin is a sickly green, and he have an overall unkempt appearance. Curiously, his top-knot ponytail seems relatively clean… Well, at least he takes pride in some aspect of his appearance.

This goblin is so stereotypical, it's almost funny. Hopefully, he breaks the mold in some way. Otherwise, it could be trouble for everyone around him… including himself.

Geographical History
Home: "The Isle of Noneya. None ya business!"
Birthplace: "Same place other goblins come from!"

Personal History (in brief)
"What? You want a story? That kinda information don't come cheap, pally. Alls you need to know is that this goblin came from the same place all other goblins came from and we're here to sell you the goods you need and prices you can't refuse! Not buyin'? Then hit the road!!"

Klotzirt isn't much for talking about his past. Rightfully so, too. Though he claims to be some big-shot merchant from the Undermine, he was actually at the bottom of his shyster classes, so to speak. He couldn't sell his way out of a wet paper bag with a hot thorium blade. But, gold bless him, he tries. No, his only real skill comes with wheeling-and-dealing with dark forces beyond his control. Somehow, he can always manage to swindle some demon or other to do his bidding.

He's also pretty decent at the night elven art of paper-folding, but that's a secret that he'll take to his grave.
Calia Irons (Caliairons) – Human, Paladin
Character Diamond: Unconcerned – Focused – Secretive – Alcoholic
Motto: "Leave it be."
Emotion: Apathetic

Physical Traits
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 70 cm
Weight: 10 st, 7 lb

Physical Description
There stands a human woman of above-average height who is remarkably hard to read. It's not as thought she looks unfriendly so much as she looks disinterested. It's almost like she's just going through the motions of whatever her life may be…

That aside, the woman appears to be in her early adult years with young eyes of blue and shoulder-length hair in shades of sunlit copper and worn loosely. She appears somewhat muscular in build and her "relaxed" stature and lack of "girlish" accessories shows an apparent disinterest in being "pretty". However, she is still curvy in the usual places and, on occasion, her posture shows femininity.
Her fair skin glows with a healthy shine, blemished only by some odd marks around her wrists and throat. A closer look would reveal them to be marks of binding, as if she had been held in chains for a period of time. She is extremely self-conscious about them and goes to lengths to keep them hidden, showing obvious signs of discomfort if they've been noticed. Something she doesn't hide, however, is the tarnished, silver ring on her right ring finger. Perhaps she is… or was… married?

Between the marks she tries to hide and and the distant look in her eyes, it seems like this woman has been through some things. What sort of things, though…?

Geographical History
Home: Elwynn region
Birthplace: Lordaeron region?

Personal History (in brief)
Calia doesn't like to talk about her past. She doesn't like to think about her past, either. But, to the extremely rare, trusted companion… or if she's had enough alcohol to loosen her lips… she may reveal a few bitter fragments of her previous existence. Beyond that, the most she usually feels compelled to share is that she "lives in the area of" Elwynn and wants it to be left to that.
"Pixie" Alora Paradox, "the Eccentric One" (Pixiealora) – Gnome, "Dabbler and Historian" (Mage)
Character Diamond: Cheerful – Eccentric – Flirty – Pushy
Emotion: Curious
Motto: "What's a motto with you? Hey!"

Physical Traits
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 96 cm
Weight: 19 kg

Physical Description
What's this? Did someone lose a child? No, even children are taller than this one. It is, of course, a gnome: diminutive in height and round of figure. This one seems to be female, judging by the soft face and somewhat understated curvature.

It wouldn't be hard to mistake her for a child given that her mass of green hair is tied into what can only be described as "mega twintails", each plush plume of hair at least as big as her lightly-freckled face. Her crystal-blue eyes curiously watch the world, though occasionally, they show a spark of mischief and can, at times, be a little shifty… Beyond that, she's frequently seen wearing a series of four silver earrings – two on each ear – and a black, leather collar that seems to cling to her neck like a tightened noose. Maybe that's why she tugs on it so often.

The gnomish girl's plump, pink lips are often curled into a smile, as if perpetually entertained, which only adds to her general shiftiness. She might be wily… or she might be putting on an act. It's hard to say, but one thing's for sure: she's probably not hostile! Probably.

Geographical History
Home: Ironforge, Dun Morogh
Birthplace: Gnomeregan, Dun Morogh

Personal History (in brief)
Alora's history? Simple. She was born, grew up, and learned– oh, you want the entire history? Okay.

Like most living beings, Alora had a mother and a father. They both died. So… she ended up living with her god-uncle, a Dwarf named Craggor of the Stonefist clan. Oh, how did Alora's parents die? Well, her father blew up trying to make an ice cream machine. Apparently, using experimental rocket fuel to power a cooling core isn't a very good idea. As for her mother? Troggs. It's okay though. Alora was too young to really know her parents. That's probably why she turned out the way she did.

Alora was a curious thing, growing up. She liked to tinker with mechanisms and flirt with boys. Nothing truly out-of-the-ordinary for a gnome. Where she diverged is when she started to take an interest in magic. She also started to take an interest in gardening and history. When she learned of the origins of her race, however, she swore off mechanical devices entirely. It suddenly felt wrong to poke around the inner workings of her mechanical chicken, Henrietta. Instead, she threw herself headlong into her other interests.

There's really not much more to say. She loves her "Gunkle" Craggor and loves gardening. And well, she loves making things violently explode, too, but we'll forgive her for that. She is a gnome, after all! Now, about her nickname… Oops, out of time! Go on, then!
Mrs. Adelyn Questes, the Apoplectic (Questes) – Forsaken, "Warrior" (Warrior)
Character Diamond: Proud – Resentful – Hostile – Impatient
Emotion: Angry
Motto: "Hurt… me… more!"

Physical Traits
Eye color: No eyes
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 6 st

Physical Description
Adelyn presents herself as someone with an air of indifference… and anger. It's a wonder her bared jawbone doesn't crack with how frequently she grits her teeth at the "ignorance" of others. She's also not much for making herself "look pretty".

She's not remotely self-conscious about the dark, dirty bones protruding from her shoulders or spine, nor the exposed joints on her arms and legs. Be that as it may, it's still ingrained in her mind to wear something over her blue-skinned self, even if it IS tattered or stained with various bodily fluids, but she clearly doesn't maintain her long, black hair beyond keeping it out of her face as it's frequently filthy enough to stand on its own. Really, the only visible sign of self-care she shows are the bandages around various parts of her body, but even that seems out of necessity. Curiously, however… she appears to have a tarnished, green-gold ring on her right ring finger. Is she married? Or was she?

Maybe her lack of care is because she has no eyes with with to see? Maybe she just doesn't care what people think. Either way, she's not trying to win any fashion shows, so who cares? At least she's not running around naked

Character Geographical History
Home: Nomadic
Birthplace: Hearthglen, Eastweald

Personal History (in brief)
Adelyn honestly doesn't recall much about who she used to be. Not even the tarnished ring on her right finger brings back any memories. All she has are feelings… mostly anger. It certainly doesn't help that right out of the grave, she's being bossed around by some ugly, undead fools. Oh, well. Maybe she can work her frustrations out by killing something…
Zic (Zic) – "Zic" (Troll, Shaman)
Full Name: Zic
Title: The Hungry
Housename: Darkspear Tribe
(Zic isn't one for "titles" and such, though, so it doesn't really come up.)

Character Diamond: Cheerful – Honest – Spiritual – Sensitive
Emotion: Social
Motto: "What's for lunch?"

Physical Traits
Eye Color: Red
Height: 218 cm (slouched) / 255 cm (standing)
Weight: 85 kg

Physical Description
What an unusual example of troll… Sure, he's gangling and fit, as one might expect, but he looks a bit a bit more pale and a little more colorful than most. He also looks… jovial?

This troll towers above most other species when he's not slouching, though he slouches quite frequently so it's hard to tell. His skin is mostly a pale shade of green, though his extremities are more blue, and his shaggy hair is tied back into a long braid and appears as an unusual shade of turquoise. He always has his face painted with an odd, purple face mask and a white stripe over his blood-red eyes. His body shows no scars, possibly due to trolls being fast healers, and he wears no jewelry. However… the long, curved tusks that jut out of his dopey, smiling mouth are a pristine, shiny sort of white and his finger and toe nails are clean and cut. In stark contrast, he smells like fish. Why? Who knows. Maybe he eats a lot of them.

Whether he smells of fish or not, there's no denying that this troll is enjoying life to the fullest… and takes great pride in his more noticeable features. Again, a very odd example of a troll, but a troll, nonetheless, he is.

Geographical History
Home: "Where da skull hangs! Jas' kiddin'."
Birthplace: Zul'Mamwe, Stranglethorn Vale

Personal History (in brief)
Zic was born to a Skullsplitter ma'da, given to the Gurubashi when he could fight, learned the ways of shamanism, then joined many of his brethren in splitting off from the Gurubashi Empire to be a part of the "Darkspear" trolls on some islands near the Maelstrom. With his newfound freedom, he took it upon himself to learn more about the creatures of worship – the loa – and eventually found one that he could relate to: Krag'wa the Huge, a very hungry and, unsurprisingly, massive frog loa.

Eventually, hostile humans came to settle on the islands. Then, some friendly orcs came and killed them. Murlocs attacked. Orcs saved them. Sea witch attacked. Everyone got on some human ships and sailed away while the islands sank. Zic wasn't bothered, though. No matter what happened or where he went, he knew he could always make friends who would be interested in learning about Krag'wa's gluttonous ways and great power.

After landing on Kalimdor, Zic wandered off, spreading the word of Krag'wa and making more "friends". A few years passed before he came back to what became Durotar and he was surprised by everything that had changed. Apparently, he had missed a lot. Even so, Zic remains largely unconcerned with things like territorial conflict and greater Horde problems. He would rather have fun, eat good food, and talk about Krag'wa. Still, he doesn't mind helping out. That's just the kind of guy he is.
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