Too much green . . . (uncommon items)

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Too much green . . . (uncommon items)

Post by Voj » Sun Sep 01, 2019 2:35 pm

Greeting there ,

I've noticed that the drop rate of green(uncommon) items are increased , I'm getting a lot of them while just farming normal mobs at my current level. Now ... I know this is probably changed to compensate the low amount of players and improve the Action House activity , but let me tell you I don't trust it will have positive effect on those in the long run.

At first the idea looks good , people will have more income* as they level up and will be able to buy stuff from the AH at decent prices , since the minimum level requirement of an item normally is lower that the actual mob level ( A lvl 40 mob will drop items with lvl 35 requirement for eg. ) , this particular player will be able to buy better gear for his current level , rather than finding a low level one later in the leveling process. The problem I see is that there is a oversupply of uncommon items and thus their values go down.
-Let say for example that I obtain leather boots with 10 agility and since they have quite good prefix I want to sell them for a good price , but because the drop rate is increased a lot , the particular player that might want to buy them will already have boots with let say with 4 agility and 4 stamina and since the improvement will not be so big for him he long buy them for a reasonable price. So from what I've seen most people just vendor the uncommon items. In my understanding this practice of ''viewing'' uncommon items being mainly gold from a vendor is something not correct for the Vanilla WoW experience , rather to the modern expansions of WoW.

In addition the rare spawns/elite mobs loose their meaning , since they will always drop just one uncommon item most of the time and are hard to kill , it's just more easy to kill random mobs.

Now I don't say that the idea is not good , rather that it is done in a way that leads to unnatural Vanilla experience , rather I would suggest something like increasing a little the drop chance for the normal mobs & more to the rare/elites and dungeon mobs.

I understand that some people what more easy , or rather calm leveling process , where they don't want to worry too much about their gold income for spells/mount etc. but this particular way becomes an absolute privilege for all classes with AoE ability (mage,priest,warlock). Why you would ask ? Because those classes can easily go a lower level group mobs AoE them down and have a top of profit because the increased uncommon drop chance , and I know that this kind of method is used normally and is known unbalance , but with current drop rates it becomes too easy for them.

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Re: Too much green . . . (uncommon items)

Post by Chlothar » Wed Sep 04, 2019 7:04 am

I don`t really see a major issue with that.
1. Many rares don`t only drop a random green, they also have specific greens they use to drop...and some have blue drops too. So....yeah you kill them and look for them. You should also always kill them for greens tbh.
2. Items with good stat values do actually sell on AH, for my part i do that every day.
3. Being in a social guild will get you good gear anyway and once you visit dungeons most of the green gear will be replaced anyway.
4. There are so many chest uncompeted out there. You will have tons of green items anyway.

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