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Post by Sinrek » Sun Mar 10, 2019 9:11 am

I've been running next to the Dreadmist Peak and found a peculiar orc child named Erk. He's walking from the little hut nearby to the Orcish Watch Tower at the for of the Golden Road from Ashenvale to Crossroads and into Durotar.

What he does is simply walking with the only line to say near the Guard Kurall: "Zug zug! Happy to help!"
While it's nice there's some minor role he fulfils within the Horde, however, what he suppose to do is next interaction;

<Walks to a pile of supplies in the room of the hut>

Erk says: Hmmm.... Where is my fishing hook? Oh, there it is.

<Walks to the pond>

Erk says: Let's see if the fish are biting.
Erk says: Hmmm... I think I need better bait. I'll check my father's wagon.

<walks over to a wagon>

Erk says: Quillboar scraps! These should do the trick. Fish love quillboar.

<walks back to the pond>

Erk says: Let's give this a try...

<cathes a fish or two>

Erk says: Caught one! I'll see if any of the guards are hungry. Come on Fang!

<runs to the nearby tower>

Erk says: I caught a fish if you are hungry...
Guard Kurall says: A nice catch at that! You bring honour to the Horde boy, we thank you!
Erk says: Zug Zug! Happy to help!

<Erk walks back to the hut>
<Fang barks in approval>
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Re: Erk

Post by Peeves » Sun Mar 10, 2019 9:02 pm

What an amazing little event! Great find! Thanks again for reporting, Sinrek! It will be added to my thread of missing NPC scripts.

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