Changing the Racials for Dwarf Priest

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Changing the Racials for Dwarf Priest

Post by Kefke » Tue Jan 24, 2023 8:43 pm

Inspired by my thoughts in another thread. The more I thought about it, the more I felt like Dwarf Priests really just needed a complete do-over in the racial spells department.

In the spirit of the original post, I'll start with Fear Ward. Fear Ward is a really good spell. To my knowledge, it's generally considered to be one of the "meta" priest spells due to its usefulness against several enemies that could otherwise cause groups a lot of trouble. There's nothing wrong with that, except that being locked to a single race means that 1) Horde is at a disadvantage unless they invite an Alliance player, and 2) high tier play ends up being less diverse, because everyone wants to have a Dwarf Priest over anything else.

Although I don't agree with the general homogenization of Priests in Retail, I think that one of the good changes Blizzard did was making this spell available to everyone. Making a "must have" spell universal opens the door for more interesting and varied gameplay. It gives priests of other races a chance to shine.

In its place, I suggest this - Soul of the Mountain: For 10 seconds, reduces a friendly target's speed by 33%, but greatly reduces damage taken. So, similar to the Paladin's "Blessing of Protection", but won't break aggro.

Then there's Desperate Prayer. This is just one of the same racial spells that Humans get. Kind of feels like Blizzard was either short on ideas, or on time. It's also the only Vanilla racial spell that's just straight-up recycled. This should definitely be changed, and in my opinion the only question is which race should get to keep it.

Argument 1: The concept of a desperate prayer is more thematically in line with humans, and so Human Priests should keep Desperate Prayer. Give dwarves the new spell - Titan Aspect: Temporarily enlarges the target, giving them improved reach and damage.

Argument 2: Humans could use the biggest boost, so give the new ability to them to make Human Priests more attractive. In this case, I think that it would have to be something pretty good. I'm not sure that this would do the trick, but it feels thematic, Holy damage bypasses resistances, and I haven't got a better idea - Heroic Zeal: Applies five stacks of "Heroic Zeal" to the target. Each time they attack with a melee or ranged weapon, it consumes one stack, and the attack deals additional Holy damage. Lasts one minute, or until all stacks are consumed.

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