NEW Items Paladin (AD&SC themed)

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NEW Items Paladin (AD&SC themed)

Post by Smejkyspiritcz » Fri Aug 05, 2022 11:37 pm

I came up with some Paladin item that could fit the theme of either secred order of argent dawn or fanatic order of scarlet crusade (requires AD rep of honored+)
PS: all lvl 60 items

Shoulders (AD):!/itemcreat ... wiTlVMTCJd

Libram (AD):!/itemcreat ... 5VTEwiXQ==

Next two items should be from same raid or come togather as some quest chain reward
(inspired by Interrogator Vishas dualwield crusader in SM:GY)

trinket (SC):!/itemcrea ... 5VTEwiXQ==

OHsword (SC):!/itemcrea ... wiTlVMTCJd

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