Give Raptors Dash!

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Give Raptors Dash!

Post by Snakeman » Wed Jun 22, 2022 9:43 pm

I alluded to this in a previous post on this forum, but I think it warrants its own topic. Pls forgive me if it's too spammy lmoa.


Let hunters' Raptors learn the Dash ability!

  1. It makes sense - everyone's favourite movie monsters, the dromaeosaurids, were thought to be swift, agile runners, and multiple species were named to reflect this! Velociraptor (swift thief), Dromaeosaurus (running lizard), etc.
  2. They may get more use than just from people who really like raptors! Letting raptors dash gives them similar use cases to cats - both families are tied for highest damage modifier, and both currently are able to learn both claw and bite.
  3. Addressing the point above, it might introduce more variety into the pets people use. As much as I love wind serpents, I 100% would have a pet raptor if they could learn to dash.
  4. [Edit] - Blizzard seemed to think they were lacking something too, and added Dash as an ability raptors could learn in The Burning Crusade and onwards.
  1. They become almost completely interchangeable with cats, except they can't learn prowl. Homogenisation is a slippery slope, I think.
With this in mind, however, I think the pros make it worth considering. Even just a quick and hasty "raptors can learn dash now" without adding it to existing mobs would be great, but there are some mobs in game who already have a similar effect! Hell, Takk the Leaper had one of the highest base run speeds in the original Vanilla patches before they normalised pet movement.
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Re: Give Raptors Dash!

Post by Pistol » Wed Jun 22, 2022 10:41 pm

I think this a great idea.
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