Navigation in Alah'Thalas

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Navigation in Alah'Thalas

Post by Leverflick » Thu May 05, 2022 5:52 pm

Hello! I'm new to the server and i have one suggestion that i think would help new people like me.
So, i got a quest to go to mage tower on lvl10 as high elf, to teleport to the magical place. After i talked to a mage, she made a Red orb on a pedestal next to her, like a mage did in a starting zone (but it was a blue one). And i pressed it and voila!

But its a bit confusing after that.. You get greeted by a decorative portal with a girl next to it that teleports you back and a same red orb on a pedestal. My first thought was "if i press that orb i will go back to stormwind" so i went and tried to find a ladder..for 5 minutes ~v~;
Only when i gave up i gave it a try and bam, its a bit inconcictent i think.

So, tl;dr, I think the orb that teleports you down in Alah'Thalas should differentiate from the one that teleports you there from the mage tower, it confuses dummy people like me first time we do it. putting a blue orb on a pedestal would probably be wiser.

Thank you for reading dead_turtle_head

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Re: Navigation in Alah'Thalas

Post by Redmagejoe » Thu May 05, 2022 6:03 pm

Better suggestion would be to just have the red orb always be there in the Mage Tower and be the back and forth to and from Stormwind, while the little portal you appear in front of takes you down not unlike the Mage Tower portals. Not sure why they opted for the unintuitive implementation they did.

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