Weapon Skill Racials and what could be done

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Weapon Skill Racials and what could be done

Post by Heroclastus » Wed May 04, 2022 10:35 am


just some food for thought. As a lot of people know, the weapon skill racials from human,orc and goblin are quite impactful in PVE and for a lot of people are a deciding factor in race/class combos. I'd like to suggest an alternative:
  • Make all classes have all their class weapon proficiencies from the start (the ability to equip the different weapons, perhaps restrict this to melee/ranged proficiencies, e.g. hunter starts being able to equip all ranged weapons, while warrior starts out able to equip all melee weapons etc.). I think this is the case for some classes already (goblin warrior!?). In the beginning of the game the PC is often referred to as already having absolved some basic training and ready to move on.... not being able to wield certain weapons doesn't really fit
  • Weapon masters don't (only) train proficiency (the ability to even equip the items) but up to 5 weapon skill for gold and/or quest (e.g. mini instance 'training hall' where you do different things depending on weapon skill, e.g. shooting at pop-up targets with bow, using an item to distract practice mobs to get behind them with a dagger, using a staff to knock training mobs off ledges etc.)
  • Cap the available weapon skills you can get by these means to 10 pts (2 weapons of +5). Humans/orcs/goblins cannot get more points in their respective specialization than they already have (e.g. orc cant do more axe spec quests/taining to go +10 skill).
  • Weapon Skill Points are relearnable for a cost
  • This way orc/human/goblin still have some advantage as they can take advantage of the + skill straight away from the start and have more flexibility (e.g. dps orc can 2h/1h axes, 2h maces 2h swords + 5 skill at the same time), but at endgame it dosnt matter, as everyone can get +5 weapon skill in 2 or more desired weapons.

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