Level 60 -> Reset To Level 1 (Prestige Rank 1)

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Level 60 -> Reset To Level 1 (Prestige Rank 1)

Post by Mativh » Fri Apr 15, 2022 5:22 pm

An option, once you reach level 60, to reset your levels to level 1, and gain something like a prestige rank.

It's about the journey.

the details could be discussed, like:

- What would be the rewards for each prestige rank
(for example title, tabard, mount, pet or a rare/elite frame in case you've reached max level doing some or combination of the Turtle WoW challenges (like Turtle, Warmode or Hardcore) etc., perhaps a reputation at a vendor where you could choose the preferred reward)

- Which items and progressions should be kept/reseted alongside the levels
(some/all items, reputation, quests, quest rewards, gold, professions etc.)
I think some of the progress should definitely be kept, accumulating with each prestige rank.

- Should there be a limit on the amount of resets

- Should the gameplay differ each time (more/less difficulty, different xp rate, challenges, additional content etc.)

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Re: Level 60 -> Reset To Level 1 (Prestige Rank 1)

Post by Mativh » Wed Jun 01, 2022 6:31 pm

I love leveling in vanilla wow, and that it's such an important part of the game, unlike in later expansions where it's a chore, you rush through and the game begins on max level. I get attached to my characters, on hardcore even more.
I also like how in Diablo 2 when you pass the content of the game you get a specific title (differing whether it's passed on softcore/hardcore) and can repeat the content on normal/nightmare/hell.
I wish there was no max level and all of WoW content was spread out during leveling. I know this isn't generally desired (maybe on Turtle WoW more) nor achievable, but this idea, reseting the levels, could be.

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Re: Level 60 -> Reset To Level 1 (Prestige Rank 1)

Post by Kanto123 » Wed Jun 01, 2022 9:22 pm

I'm interested in this

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Re: Level 60 -> Reset To Level 1 (Prestige Rank 1)

Post by Pristn » Fri Jun 03, 2022 8:55 am

Reward +1 talent point

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Re: Level 60 -> Reset To Level 1 (Prestige Rank 1)

Post by Jolikmc » Fri Jun 03, 2022 2:01 pm

I like this idea. However… I have a few questions regarding what happens when a player hits this potential "Level 1★" – some of which was already asked, of course. Even so, here's my thoughts:
  • What happens to all their level-locked gear?
    For example, let's a Level 60 player is wearing full Tier 2 gear. Does the gear stay equipped until manually removed because the game doesn't know any better? Or would there be a script implemented that scans the player's equipment and removes the stuff they can't wear at that level? What if the player's inventory is full when this happens?
  • How would a "Prestige" player go about leveling to 60★?
    Some players use quests to rise through the ranks. Some players grind. If a particular player quested their way to 60, it wouldn't make sense for all their completed quests to reset. In essence, this would leave a Level 1★ player a bit stranded without any quests to do. Again, not a problem for those who enjoy the grind, but still.
  • Would the player's Abilities reset? What about Talents? Skills?
    This is another case of the game "not knowing any better", I feel; once a skill is learned, it stays with the player even if their level somehow goes down. At least that's my experience with GM commands on emulated servers. In any case, would this be another case for a "scan inventory; remove high-level thing" script? Or would the player retain all their Abilities?
    Talents also pose a slight problem as players only get access to that function at Level 10. I don't know if it's hard-coded to always be available once it becomes available, but either way, I'm assuming the idea is to let a player master all three talents, so these probably wouldn't reset. Skills, though? Particularly weapon / armor skills? These have a cap of 300. I don't see much harm in leaving them alone, either – especially in the case of Profession / Secondary skills. I just don't know if it would somehow cause problems.
Just some thoughts from someone who likes to focus on numbers.

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Re: Level 60 -> Reset To Level 1 (Prestige Rank 1)

Post by Allwynd01 » Sat Jun 04, 2022 6:08 am

I like this idea too. There is an MMORPG called Villagers & Heroes where there is a mechanic in the game that once you hit max level, you can be "reborn" to level 1 while keeping some benefits that make you slightly stronger than you were before.


It's an interesting concept, although the game's combat and controls are crap so much so that I can't even play it because of them.

I also love the leveling process in an MMORPG much more than anything else, I like:

- questing
- exploring the world (even when I've explored it hundreds of times before)
- enjoy the visuals
- look under every nook and cranny
- roleplay in my head why there is an abandoned barn and so forth (there is a farm right before you enter Darkshire that has no NPCs or quests or anything and serves no purpose other than decoration)
- see much character get stronger with new gear or abilities or levels

I think that having an option to be reborn to level 1 is something that would fit Turtle WoW really well. But I think there should be some benefits for doing that, like getting your stats increased by a small percentage each time you do a "rebirth", say 1% each time or something.

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