Hallow's End

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Hallow's End

Post by Diademuertos » Thu Nov 25, 2021 6:14 pm

I think turtle wow should host a Hallow's End celebration for halloween each year

I've come up with several new events and Quests for Hallow's End

Hallow's End special events

Wickerman- Horde only

Help Sylvanas and her people celebrate their freedom from the Scourge with the burning of the Wickerman outside of the Undercity

Jack o latern- Alliance only

The Alliance nations prepare to celebrate Hallow's End with Jack o laterns! Grow your own pumpkin and carve your vary own Jack o lantern or buy a candle and help light the pumpkin outside of the Alliance capitals

Horde Hallow's End Quest

Alliance Strike forces are attacking various Horde towns across azeroth with stink bombs and rotting foods

Horde players are tasked with Removing the stink bombs ,garbage and rotting food from the towns

Depending on faction and location players will have responsibility for the following locations

Orcs,trolls and Goblins- Razor hill and ogrimmar

Tauren- bloodhoof village and thunder bluff

Undead- Brill and the Undercity

Once the player have cleaned up their respective areas they will be sent to the apocecarium within the Undercity where they will help the Forsaken aporhecaries in developing a disgusting agent for use in a retaliatory strike on southshore

The final Horde Quest is a Mission to raid the Alliance town of southshore with the disgusting agent with the task of hitting the town hall, inn and docks with the agent

Alliance Hallow's End Quest

Alliance players are first sent to gather Garbage piles and rotting food from The Alliance capital cities and then deliver them to southshore

Once the garbage and food is delivered players are sent to ironforge in order to help the gnomes with constructing stink bombs before also delivering the stink bombs to southshore

Once in southshore players are given a list of horde cities to attack and must choose one

The choices are

Razor hill
Bloodhoof village
Thunder bluff
The Undercity

Once the player has chosen a town they will accompany the Alliance strike force on a mission to strike at the chosen city

The final quest involves Alliance players cleaning up southshore following a Horde retaliatory strike

La Llorona Special event

The La Llorona event is the turtle wow version of the headless horseman and is based on the latin American legend of La Llorona

Official description

Xochitl was once a beautiful woman with 2 healthy children who was lived within brill with her husband who worked within the capital city as a guard

When the Scourge Attacked Xochitl in a confused state murdered her husband and mortally wounded her children believing them to be the Undead

Upon realizing what she had done she took her dying children to the North Tide's Beachhead where she drowned them before commiting suicide

Now known as La Llorona Xochitl's cursed Spirit returns every Hallow's End to abduct the children of azeroth and drown them at North Tide's Beachhead like she did to her own children

Event bosses- La Llorona is a level 60 elite ghost found wandering North Tide's Beachhead. She requires a group of at least 4-5 players

Quest chain

The Quest chain for La Llorona begins with the Quest La Llorona!!! Where she attacks various towns across azeroth and abduct children from the town

La Llorona hits the following locations

Razor hill
Bloodhoof village

Players then work with the Argent dawn to track La Llorona to Silverpine Forest where players Slay the cursed spirit, recover her remains and rescue the abducted children

Once players return La Llorona' s remains to light's hope chapel her Spirit is redeemed and she asks the player to forgive her before Joining her children and husband in the afterlife

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