Other regions for future content

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Other regions for future content

Post by Robertand7erson » Mon Oct 04, 2021 3:09 am

Like I said in my other posts I would like to see the darkspear islands, Mount Hyjal and the broken isles added as their own regions each with it's own storyline and content

Darkspear islands


Following the chaos of the third war the sea witch has decided that the time for her to take revenge upon the orcs and darkspear trolls has come and has used her dark magics to raise the sunken Darkspear isles from the deeps

Now the vile sea witch prepares her underworld minions for a massive assault on the surface world

In order to prevent the Sea witch from launching her invasion the mortal races of azeroth have dispatched forces to invade the darkspear islands and Destroy the sea witch once and for all


The horde forces are lead by the Darkspear trolls while the Alliance are lead by the 7th Legion

Both have a total of 3 bases full of quests


Vengeance tower- one of the few watch towers built by the Kul Tiras Marines that survived the islands destruction.

The ruined tower has been taken over by the underworld minions and now serves as a forward outpost

The murloc wizard apprentice to the slain murloc high sorcerer leads the tower and serves as the dungeon's end boss


Darkspear caverns- the personal domain of the sea witch and the heart of her power. These dark and gloomy caverns serve as home to a majority of her followers

The sea witch herself serves as the raids end boss

Mount Hyjal

For the Hyjal region players would be assisting the Timbermaw tribe and Shadowtooth clan as both try and rebuild their civilization following the Third war

A small group of Timbermaw furbolgs returned to Mount Hyjal and constructed Timbermaw village as a temporary capital within the region

The Furblogs also have established a smaller encampment known as Timbermaw Post

Shadowtooth clan

The Shadowtooth Dark trolls were nearly exterminated by the Demons and Undead during the third war but now they have begun to rebuild their clan

The Trolls have reclaimed the  Dark Troll Den and are using it as their capital

The Trolls also have constructed Shadowtooth Village

Players will face off against both the Burning Legion and the Undead scourge who both hold territories across Hyjal

Dungeons and raids

There is 1 dungeon and 4 raids within Mount Hyjal


Blightened Night elf outpost

The Blightened Night elf outpost is the outpost where Shandris Feathermoon fought the scourge during the third war

The outpost is now a Scourge stronghold commanded by the Lich  Balzaphon who leads the Undead forces in the name of the Lich king

Balzaphon serves as the final boss of Blightened Night elf outpost


There are 4 raids within Mount Hyjal

Ruins of Expedition outpost, Ruins of Horde outpost and Ruins of Sentinel Pass

The ruined outposts established by the Alliance, Horde and Night elves during the Battle of Mount Hyjal have become centers of the demonic corruption that is gripping the mountain.

All 3 bases are filled with corrupted wildlife overseen by a Demon known as Harbingers of corruption

Players can complete all 3 of the raids by Slaying all 3 harbingers of corruption

Throne of corruption- comprising the vary peak of Mount Hyjal the throne of corruption is home to a powerful Warlock known as Bemoan the Tainted

It is Bemonan who is responsible for the corruption tainting Mount Hyjal and he serves as the final boss for the Hyjal region

The Broken isles


A mysterious Demon worshipping cult has established itself on the broken isles and is planning on releasing the avatar of Saragaras

Players must work with the Locals to prevent the cult from releasing the avatar and causing another Invasion by the Burning Legion


The Defiled ones- comprised of undead orcs from the Stormreaver and Twilight's Hammer clans who survived the onslaught of Maiev Shadowsong when she chased Illidan Stormrange to the isles.

The Defiled ones are based within Defiled Village where 90% of the Undead orcs are located

The Defiled ones are currently Battling many threats including a powerful Demon worshiping cult, a group of Illidan's Naga who were left behind and the Demonic minions of Drak'thul who continues to try and exterminate his former clansmen


There are 2 dungeons on the broken isles

Drak'thul's lair- the personal domain of the warlock Drak'thul who serves as the dungeon's end boss

Serpantvine village- established by the Naga left behind by Illidan Stormrange who are still trying to conquer the Broken isles for their master

The Naga are commanded by high Priestess Sathi who serves as the dungeon's end boss


The Broken isles will include 1 raid

The tomb of Saragras- the resting place of the Dark titan which has been taken over by Shadowlight cultists and demons of the Burning Legion

The Avatar of Sargaras is the final raid boss of the broken isles and players must be exalted with the Defiled ones before they can enter the tomb

The Shadowlight cult- the main enemy faction on the Broken isles is the mysterious cult known as the Shadowlight

They have encampments all across the isles and have even constructed Shadowlight village as a headquarters

The cult's goal is to release the avatar of Sargaras and aid the legion's return to azeroth

Killing cultists awards players 25% reputation with the defiled ones

I would like to thank Lahire for pointing out the Naga Issue
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Re: Other regions for future content

Post by Lahire » Mon Oct 04, 2021 6:28 am

Robertand7erson wrote:
Mon Oct 04, 2021 3:09 am
Mount Hyjal


Following the Legion's Defeat during the Battle of Mount Hyjal the The Cenarion Circle has taken over the region's defense and watches over the great tree as it recovers

Although the circle does a decent job of keeping the peace threats in the form of demonic corruption, a renegade faction of sentinels and Invading Naga have forced the circle to request aid in defending the mountain
It is strongly hinted in the lore and in game that the Hyjal zone had to do with Timbermaw Hall, not nagas.
The Timbermaw clan has lost most of its furbolgs to the corruption left in Hyjal (even their king and main city). They had to seal the way to Hyjal, though their tunnels go into it. They have sweard that, with the help of the Fine WoW Adventurer, they will one day reclaim their town, their legacy and save Hyjal.
Their main enemies are the elite demons left after the war and their corrupted brothers/sisters. It was planned to open the gate of Timbermaw (in Azshara), the tunnel to Hyjal and there is also a portal in Winterspring.

All this plan was abandonned and retail hyjal has nothing to do with it. But it is far less thematic : we've already followed the cenarion circle everywhere, while Timbermaw was set up for this job but stayed like dumbies in their tunnels.
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