Diablo 2 like stamina system for running

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Diablo 2 like stamina system for running

Post by Glarthir » Sat Jul 17, 2021 3:06 pm

You read it right. If this indeed is a server with a Hardcore aspect and is a true RP hub, you guys should add running as a limited feature either as a glyph or unto one of the existing glyphs

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Re: Diablo 2 like stamina system for running

Post by Allwynd01 » Sat Jul 17, 2021 4:59 pm

Have you played The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind without mods?

Do you know how annoying it was in there when you ran out of Stamina almost after a minute of running, what's worse, not having Stamina meant your attacks also missed, be it melee, ranged or spells.

For this there are countless mods that "fix" this problem in different ways - either your Stamina depletes less, or it doesn't affect combat or only depletes when you run or whatever. Either way, the point is people didn't like this so they tried to find solutions.

In Diablo 2, a high level character very rarely runs out of Stamina, and at this point the system becomes completely redundant, a leftover from Diablo 1 if you will. It serves absolutely no purpose and some characters like Sorceress who can Teleport, or any character wearing the Enigma armor, which gives +1 to Teleport can completely bypass this system.


How exactly do you think this server will benefit from such a system that further punishes them for just wanting to travel around? The base run speed is already slow, the Turtle mount is almost useless until you are well over level 30 and you know how expensive learning the Riding Skill in Vanilla WoW is, so I don't see how this will make things better for anyone. If anything, there can be other ways to make the server more hardcore and also in some fun way that doesn't cause players to feel like they are being punished for trying to have fun.

For example, the Cooking skill can be made more prominent where eating different foods grants you different 30 or 60 minute buffs that can boost some of your stats and make Cooking a lot more desirable - most players will want to have it, as well as Fishing, which can also be expanded further so you can fish more things other than fish. Players who don't want to have Cooking will probably pay good money on the AH to have loads of certain food types, which can boost the server's economy further.

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Re: Diablo 2 like stamina system for running

Post by Hardwelsam » Sat Jul 17, 2021 9:28 pm

Twow is enoughly hard already.
I don think so there anybody want make the pain more suffering.

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