Potions for animations and special effects

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Potions for animations and special effects

Post by Oloryss » Wed Jul 14, 2021 6:28 pm

So, you know how sometimes you wish you could play a specific animation on your character ? Or apply a particular special effect to them ?

Say, apply a buff (One that can be right-clicked away) that stuns you for a long duration, that way you can play the stun animation on command and for however long you want. Or one that makes your character vomit when ingested – yell animation plus some splurg effect coming from your head, it’s been done. Or just makes you green to signify having been poisoned or something - perhaps even red for bleeding.

How about having potions that do just that ? Obviously these potions wouldn’t be desirable, but that’s where my idea of how to make them comes in: Some goblin alchemist, in a neutral place - why not the Arena ? - who could maybe style himself as the <Self-Made Alchemist> and has simply tried everything that could be tried. Your average alchemist master, he teaches you only the things that work, passed down from generations of alchemists, but that goblin, he has tried it all, he has seen what it does, and he’s catalogued it all, and for a small price – he is after all conscious these recipes for disaster aren’t worth much – he’ll share this questionable wisdom with you.

It’d also give a bit of a material dump for low-level reagents that one tends to accumulate in absurd quantities (My low level alchemist uses potions very regularly but often ends up selling her production because it’s impossible to use it all) and/or ends up skipping because they are no longer useful past their appropriate level.

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Re: Potions for animations and special effects

Post by Dasajj » Wed Jul 14, 2021 6:34 pm

I like the idea of more emote control/expansion for rp. The potion to turn you green with poison or red with rage (cosmetically) sounds great!

I wonder if it would be easier to add /stun or /vomit over creating item triggers?

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