Guild - buffs

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Guild - buffs

Post by Hardwelsam » Tue Jun 22, 2021 9:38 pm

Hello again ,Everybody.

I amazed what if,the guild members can got buffs.
Like: Faster hp reg bonus(3%) ,armor bonus,atk power bonus(2% increased atk pow.)
Some stuff kinda like that.

But for earn the guild buffs,for the each buffs,must required collecting/earning guild vitality.
Vitality is can be increased with
- members doing dungeons
- raids
- Bg's
-Completed Quests .

to understand, to apply each buff you have to reach the expected amount.The higher the guild level, the better guild buffs become available.But in total only 2 buff can be used, the leader must select the appropriate

what are your opinions? I think it would be a nice plus.
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Re: idea about : Guild - buffs

Post by Mephistopheles » Wed Jun 23, 2021 5:30 am

So new World Buffs?
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Re: idea about : Guild - buffs

Post by Hardwelsam » Wed Jun 23, 2021 8:33 am

No,not exactly.
Of course we have got World buffs,but theese buffs differents, and to earn it, must need cap the req.
Luke ,to earn a 2%haste buff,the guild must need reach like 15k vitality.

And i wanna Talk about the vitality points.
So as i mentioned,questions,dungeons,raids can give vital.points,but i dont mentioned,which One how much can addd for a person.
Dungeons,raids,completed quests have different vitality .

Like: One completed quest can give 5 vitality bonus /player.
One done dungeon can give 10 vital point/player.
(different dungeons have different vitality point reward,after the cleaned dungeon,and a harder dungeon can give bit more vitality)
- raids can give 100 vitality/member.
Of course,there something same need to be,just like in dungeons.
The more harder raid can give more vitality.

About the guild buffs:

Guild buffs are available at different levels. That is, a guild rank of at least lvl 10 would be required to unlock a damage bonus, which would require about 1.5 million vitaity points. that the guild leader should not always have the opportunity to use only the same guild buff, otherwise it would make no sense for the other buffs.

The duration of the buff:

As I mentioned, buffs would only have an applicability time for a certain x time. This can be affected by the level of the guild. for example, for lvl 5 guild players, one particular buff is available for less time than another at a higher level. The cd would be the same, of course, so it can't be affected by the level difference. only the buff time could be used for a longer period of time, but the time remaining until reusability would be the same everywhere. Guild buffs will be available for a maximum of 3 days to all players who are nrm active during that time, they will not receive them during those 3 days, they will have a chance again after the CD expires

What's the point of buffs?

Good for :
-low lvl players to do easier questing
- bit easier raids ( thats depend on what buff was aplied to be used)

Bit more about the lvl differents:

- more higher guild level(rank),request more vitality
- the higher lvl rank ,can add bonus duration to the buff.
- more high lvl,open more better buffs.

Important :
Every buff can not be have more bonus then 8%(!)

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Re: idea about : Guild - buffs

Post by Hardwelsam » Wed Jun 23, 2021 8:55 am


yes, i know, this is bit looks like wod guild perks, but not.
i would mention a way better custom "content" for vanilla, to bring bit more fun for everyone.

I'm trying to figure out more, better, but of course I'd be alone with that, and for the first time I'd like to wait for others to comment on this whole buff idea

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