A few Ideas

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A few Ideas

Post by Rovenock » Mon Jun 07, 2021 9:31 pm

First idea :

Make reputations worth something .
Ok so if we have this reputations why not make them worth something ? I saw that the majority of the reputations now have a quartermaster so I am thinking there is something in progress. My idea is to add to each reputation a reward for hitting different reputations (Honored,Revered and Exalted). I would add Formulas for different professions or make a quest chain for that reputation that will reward you the Formula . These Formulas will learn you to make an epic or rare item ( depends on how hard the reputation would be to make ) and in order to make these items you would need certain items that would drop in old content ( dungeons,Molten Core, etc. ) . I will say it by now that I would like the formula,the special item for the recipe and the final item to be BOP so it would actually make sense doing the effort instead of buying from the AH. For the easier reps maybe Bind on Account so you could give a boost to alts leveling ( example : some rare weapons that would make melee classes level a little more easier ).
This could make people that don’t need the old content to actually do it for a reward and also make use of some content that is just laying there for no reason.This kind of content could even get more and more extreme to a moment where lets say some people would get rep for the “ Undead Scourge “ or create new reputations like “ The Defias Brotherhood “ and you would need to become hated by your own Faction and rely on other cities to hang around .

Second idea :

This is about making classes viable to do other things but they are pretty minor .
First of all I would add a taunt ability for Protection Paladins . Right now the Retribution Paladins have Holy Strike and I think they did become viable to be DPS in a raid ( I am not 60 yet so I don’t actually know for sure but I think that’s the reason it was added ) . Also I think Smite Priest also would become viable especially as a High Elf due to Racial and Priest special abilities for that Race and also Paladin’s DPS Seal boosts their dps.
Second of all the Feral Druids rely on the Wolfshead Helm in order to do ok’ish dps and ill explain why .When it is used with Furor Talent this gives you 60 energy upon shapeshifting to cat form or 15 rage in bear form . This gives the opportunity to bash a target, shapeshift to cat form and shred !Twice! instead of once. Also it gives the opportunity to do Feral Charge and bash the target in Bear Form . So you get more dps by constantly shapeshifting because you get more energy than just simply waiting for it.I would recommend either making a rare 60 item with this equip effect instead of relying on the 40 one or just add the equip effect as a passive via a quest chain .

Third idea :

Add 2 more legendaries .The first one is “The Ashbringer” as you already have in the game some hints in how Blizzard initially wanted ( If you get The Corrupted Ashbringer and go into Scarlet Monastery it will start an event and if you speak with Fairbanks if I remember correctly he will say that you may cleanse it in the Outland somehow but Blizzard decided to scrap this after all ). You also have the item ingame so the model its not a problem.
So we have One Hand Sword,Two Hand Mace, Two Hand Sword and Staff for each caster . We only need a ranged weapon . I would add Thori dal but with a different way to get it .
Also the last legendary I would add just for the laughs is the Necklace that dropped once on Retail in MC and the devs let him keep it ( I would put it to a 0.1% drop or something like that ) .Even though im not a fan of armor legendaries this one I find it awesome just for the history of it.

Fourth Idea :

So this is kinda extreme and maybe too much but ill say it . What if we add Artifact Level items In the game ? If I wanted to add this I would make the player sacrifice their legendary item in order to get to the Artifact .
Random Example : You Disenchant Thunderfury and you get an item that Begins a Quest . After this Quest Chain you would remake the item but to an Artifact Level . So first of all you would need to dump your own legendary in order to start the Journey and second of all you will not have a Quest Helper (atleast for the first guys ) and you would actually need to find where to go and what to do and it will be insanely hard and time consuming.

I would personally help with any of these ideas sounds good to the devs. Thank you for this awesome server turtle_in_love_head

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Re: A few Ideas

Post by Mephistopheles » Tue Jun 08, 2021 2:28 pm

1. I am working on adding more content to some of the unusual reputations.

2. Won't comment about the class changes because it's not my field, I have heard Paladin Taunt since the day I joined this server however and it's always receive wierd.

3. No Ashbringer, you already have the Corrupted version.
The neck already drops from MC. ;)

4.Artifacts were a mistake, making a new item class would be one too at least in my perspective.
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Re: A few Ideas

Post by Kazgrim » Sat Jun 12, 2021 8:47 pm

I think a reagent from each city faction at exalted combined to make a unique item is actually a good idea.
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Re: A few Ideas

Post by Merikkinon » Sat Jun 12, 2021 9:13 pm

Cool idea.

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Re: A few Ideas

Post by Rovenock » Mon Jun 14, 2021 10:10 pm

Thank you for the replies . :D
Im open for suggestions on how you guys would consider this ideas become good in your opinion .

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