Hunter Pet XP and questing and leveling

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Hunter Pet XP and questing and leveling

Post by Mantigora » Sat May 01, 2021 8:52 pm

As Turtle-WoW gives the emphasis on doing quests, haveing the special 'Turtle-mode', in contrast, I find myself unable to do as many quests as I would like because I have to spend 1/4 ( Un-rested) of every level just shooting mobs to get my Hunter-pet on my same level. Having played with some friends and done quite a few quests, I now have a pet that is 2 levels below me and I have to use the Glyph of Exhaustion to drop all my rested bonus and spend half a level or more alone, just shooting mobs. If I even make it before I level up again.

It is not fun for me and my friends ask why I do not play with them.

It would already be a great help if the Pet would start to get XP at the start of your level, other than when you have finished your level.

To have more than 1 pet, while leveling is virtually impossible ( I know, I done it, (with another toon) but there is hardly room for any quests )

Better would be that the pet would get leveled up to your player level, just like in later expansions.
It gives more flexibility and possible pets to choose from, since none would be out of reach because they are far too low.

So, yeay! if this could be implemented.
Ofcourse I would like to hear the vieuws of other Hunters on this.

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