From Underdog to... Overcat?

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From Underdog to... Overcat?

Post by Schwrop » Thu Feb 18, 2021 4:04 pm

As it is well known, the druid class is below mediocre at the DPS role whether in Moonkin or Feral Cat specs, therefore they're at the back of the line when joining a raid, most of the time.
Though, with this post, I want to adress the Feral Cat spec.
Yes, druid class is jack of all trades, but master of none. But I think the DPS performance is well below average to fit that saying.
The core problem might be lying in the talents and/or abilities themselves, however, that is a dangerous and complicated area and I don't (nor anyone else, I assume) want to go there.
Yet, another big problem is poor itemization:
BiS weapon is level 29 Manual Crowd Pummeler with 3 attack speed charges (from Gnomeregan),
BiS head is level 45 Wolfshead Helm (from leatherworking).
There are nice one-handed weapons such as Mace of Unending Life, Blessed Qiraji War Hammer. If you use those, the best off-hand frill is Tome of Knowledge. All of that and it's still worse than the damned Manual Crowd Pummeler.
You have to farm MCPs just so you could go from below mediocre to mediocre.

MCP is even more of a Bear tank problem than Cat DPS, but that is because Bear tanks ARE being played, while there are almost zero Cat DPS players. Bear and Cat BiS gear overlap on a lot of items and they're closely related.
I've been thinking of an item that could possibly complement existing weapons and make MCP less relevant.
Naturally, an off-hand frill!


So I've read some lore and brainstormed ideas for a possible name and background for the item. It fits right in vanilla lore.
Claw of Bethekk. Based on Troll Loas, also known as Wild Gods. Bethekk is a panther loa, worshipped by the Zandalari and Gurubashi.
If there's need for faction versions, then:
Alliance - Claw of Bethekk (Panther loa). Drop from High Priestess Arlokk in Zul'Gurub. Boss transforms to a half-panther Tigon female.
Horde - Claw of Shirvallah (Tiger loa). Drop from High Priest Thekal in Zul'Gurub. Boss transforms to a half-tiger Tigon male.
Otherwise, only Claw of Bethekk for both, to evade, e.g. faction change problems.


Possible item model and icon
As for the stats. I've followed the vanilla itemization formulas that Dragunovi linked in his helpful guide.
Made some approximate calculations of budgets and costs for items that are relevant as examples. Manual Crowd Pummeler, Tome of Knowledge and Jin'do's Bag of Whammies, which is an itemlevel 66 off-hand frill from Zul'Gurub.
The resulting costs were higher than the budgets. So either the formulas are a bit off and should be more complex for more than 2 attributes or I failed hard. Nevertheless, the numbers are close enough.
Sorry to whoever peeks into my clunky calculations in the spoilers. Mini summary at the end.

Manual Crowd Pummeler (Blue)
Item Level 34
+16 Strength
+5 Agility
Use: Increases your attack speed by 50% for 30 sec.
Total budget for this quality (0,625), item level (34) and 2-handed slot modifier (1):
(0,625*34 - 1,15)*1 = 20 [Budget]
We can calculate what part do attributes take and see the leftover bugdet used for the "Use:..." spell.
Let's say "Use:..." is our x:
16^1,5 + 5^1,5 + x^1,5 [Cost] ~ 20^1,5 [Budget]
64 + 11,18 + x^1,5 [Cost] ~ 89,44 [Budget]
x^1,5 ~ 14,26
x ~ 5,88

Tome of Knowledge (Blue)
Item Level 61
Held In Off-hand
+8 Strength
+8 Agility
+8 Intellect
+8 Stamina
+8 Spirit
Total budget for this quality (0,625), item level (61) and Off-hand slot modifier (0,55):
(0,625*61 - 1,15)*0,55=20,33625 [Budget]
(8^1,5)*5 [Cost] ~ 20,33625^1,5 [Budget]
113,13 [Cost] ~ 91,70 [Budget]
23,76 [Cost] ~ 20,33625 [Budget]

Jin'do's Bag of Whammies (Purple)
Item Level 66
Held In Off-hand
+11 Intellect
+8 Stamina
Equip: Increases damage and healing done by magical spells and effects by up to 18.
Equip: Improves your chance to hit with spells by 1%.
Total budget for this quality (0,77), item level (66) and Off-hand slot modifier (0,55):
(0,77*66-1)*0,55=27,401 [Budget]
11^1,5 + 8^1,5 + 15,48^1,5 + 14^1,5 [Cost] ~ 27,401^1,5 [Budget]
36,48 + 12 + 60,9 + 52,38 [Cost] ~ 143,42 [Budget]
161,76 [Cost] ~ 143,42 [Budget]
30,19 [Cost] ~ 27,401 [Budget]

Work In Progress Claw of Bethekk (Purple)
Item Level 66
Held In Off-hand
+8 Strength
+8 Agility
+8 Intellect
+8 Stamina
+8 Spirit
"Equip: Increases your attack speed by 25% in Cat, Bear and Dire Bear forms only"
Total budget for this quality (0,77), item level (66) and Off-hand slot modifier (0,55):
Let's see what budget is left after substracting the cost of +8 stats and
(0,77*66-1)*0,55=27,401 [Budget]
(8^1,5)*5 + y^1,5 [Cost] ~ 27,401^1,5 [Budget]
23,76^1,5 + y^1,5 [Cost] ~ 27,401^1,5 [Budget]
113,13 + y^1,5 [Cost] ~ 143,42 [Budget]
y^1,5 ~ 30,29
y ~ 9,82

The attack speed effect "Use:" (or x) in MCP is ~5,88 attribute value.
In the custom item, the attack speed effect "Equip:" (or y) has space for ~9,82 attribute value.
There's plenty of budget to add that passive attack speed bonus. Could heighten, lower, remove the +all stats or the attack speed and change to some other stats or spell effects.

Constructive suggestions are welcome!
Different lore background? item stat? Possible quest?!
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Re: From Underdog to... Overcat?

Post by Lexi » Fri Feb 19, 2021 11:57 am

Another possibility could be to have an idol that increases attack speed for your feral forms but that it doesn't stack with mcp and having it drop in a dungeon, raid or world boss drop. Another idea I like is having a craftable consume weapon from engineers that is very similar to mcp, ideally still a two-handed mace. Maybe you can refill the charges like you can with mortars or even just have a refill option on mcps if you have engineering(with a cost of course).

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