Turtle WoW - Classless System

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Turtle WoW - Classless System

Post by Vernalsole1355 » Sat Feb 06, 2021 11:37 pm

Hey guys, I was wondering what ya'lls opinion on this would be:

TL;DR What are your thoughts on Turtle WoW adding in a "classless" system, however making it so your automatically in Hardcore/Exhaustion mode and can't get out of it, as well as a "point limit" system with each spell/ability being assigned a point value and characters can go beyond an overall point total of all their skills, or a cap of how many spells you can have from each "tier", which both scale as you level?

I personally enjoy the classes that Vanilla WoW provides. However, I do sometimes get annoyed at being stuck behind a "class" barrier. For example, if you play a Warlock, your stuck using magic. And if you play Warrior, you can't really use ranged attacks. What if there was a way to allow players to make their own class, but maintaining as much of a "balance" as possible to prevent players from going absolutely crazy.

Here is my suggestion on this matter:

-Add a "Classless" class to Turtle WoW, giving players access to build their own class from the ground up. For example, one player could be a warrior who wields 2 handed weapons but also has a pet. Maybe a marksman who also uses healing magic? Maybe a Rouge who can also summon demons?

-To counteract the obvious imbalance this could potentially cause, I propose 2 systems. Note that both systems follow a universal rule, certain spells only unlock at the level they normally would, and you'll still need to learn the skills from the trainer from which the spell originates.

-System A - Point Value
This system would consist of all spells, including higher ranks of said spells, being assigned a point value. Your character cannot exceed a certain total amount of points. This cap could scale up as you level up, giving you, as you level, more room to grow your class slowly and enjoy the ride, just like a normal Turtle WoW character.

-System B - Tier System
This system would consist of each spell being assigned a "Tier". A character can only have a certain amount of spells from a certain tier. The amount of spells you can have from one tier, as well as the ability to wield higher tiered spells increases as you level up.

Seeing as you guys managed to add in a custom expansion, I wouldn't doubt you could put this into the game as well. I hope this idea gives you guys a template as to a potential Classless system on Turtle WoW.
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Re: Turtle WoW - Classless System

Post by Cointusk » Sun Feb 07, 2021 12:17 am

From what I remember my biggest issue with project ascension was having too many powerful talent spells available to all players (Pally Bubble + Titans Grip + killing spree + etc). I feel to a certain extent a classless system needs a certain level of limitation to balance everything out.

Personally I always enjoyed SWG’s system of committing to low tiers of abilities/skills before getting access to more powerful ones. This ensured the player would have only enough skill points left over to reach the end of another tree, or reach halfway in two other ones.

Technically a classless system would role players dream come true. I’d love to make certain in between/lore based classes that don’t exist now (troll shadow hunter, shield wielding rogues/brigands, battle mage, death knight (warrior + warlock??) or any other niche combination available).

Unfortunately something of this caliber is waaaay out of the ball park for turtle devs, especially during this three act expansion.

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Re: Turtle WoW - Classless System

Post by Balake » Sun Feb 07, 2021 9:28 am

This can't work with both the regular classes and the classless players existing within the same world. It's not a single-player game, it will never be balanced as long as the classless players are able to post in the same auction house and enter the same dungeon/raid groups and queue for the same battlegrounds.

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Re: Turtle WoW - Classless System

Post by Annon » Sun Feb 07, 2021 10:39 pm

I prefer a D&D multiclass system with the maximum 2 classes or a Final Fantasy 14 with all classes in one character system than a classless system.
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Re: Turtle WoW - Classless System

Post by Mrkrissatan » Mon Feb 08, 2021 1:59 pm

I'm completely against this idea

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Re: Turtle WoW - Classless System

Post by Sinrek » Mon Feb 08, 2021 6:50 pm

There are many already existing projects with the classless system as it is. Turtle WoW is not about that. Please, feel free to bring in suggestions with new quests, items and event that would fit into the existing Turtle WoW idea and theme.

Thank you for your time and effort. Enjoy the game.
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