Alterac Valley Improvements

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Alterac Valley Improvements

Post by Jimmicz » Mon Feb 01, 2021 9:58 am

Alterac Valley improvement suggestions
Please note that this is just a personal opinion and it suppose to start a conversation about what can be done to adjust the difficulty of Alterac Valley to get into account that we probably won't be able to fill it and have full scale 40vs40 battle for a while. Please do not take the following as something that should be done, but more like a list of ideas what could be done to make Alterac Valley more "balanced"

as we had our very first AV wargame yesterday I would like to list few things which I believe could be improved in order to make the instance more accessible to casual players and non-pvpers. I do have a lot of AV Classic experience, but then Classics AV is pretty much NPC free and they left just the important ones and the BG feels more like PVP instance rather than PVEPVP Battleground.

Unfortunately, as I play pretty much just horde, the following notes are horde-side only but I do believe similar stuff probably applies to the alliance side as well.

Faction Balance
I noticed that in AV the system lets the battle have 3 players more on one side and then it stops others from taking part. This could be reduced so there's always the same amount of players on each side.

Guards and other NPCs
I noticed that when it comes to respawns the behavior of the instance was very weird. Enemy faction NPCs kept spawning even after capturing the objective. Might be worth increasing the time in between spawns or make certain NPCs spawn once without any respawn.

A great example would be this guy:
He kept respawning right on the flag and kept killing all the guards leaving the point defenseless.

NPCs could get nerfed
Winterax Trolls

Alterac Yetis

Miners and Kobolds

Mine Specialists

Flight Masters could be "invisible" to other NPCs so they do not die fighting them on the way to the base

Proving Grounds
Is way too overtuned, it was 10 of us in the battleground and it took the whole team to clear the cave and get to the banner.

Capture a Mine
These kobolds are way overtuned as well. On Classic, you can 2 man the mine to capture it, on Turtle wow I would take about 10 people same as quest above.

All the "resource quests" requirements to be decreased.
etc etc.

AV quests rep rewards to be increased slightly, I think 2x rate would be okay

Summoning of Ice Lord
After turning enough blood Primalist starts to move the speed of the was ridiculous and nobody could catch up.
her support units didn't move at all

Summoning ring requirement could be reduced be reduced, for let's say 5 players instead of 10.

The Icelord went straight to the base rather than staying in the middle of the map for 15/20 minutes.
After reaching Stormpike Bridge he just disappeared.

I noticed that meat cant be looted without the wing master being in the base for some reason

Increased drops of materials such as blood, armor scraps, and meat from NPCs.

In the case of meat, the drop is based on the rank of the player killed, and if there are just people rank 10 and above on the enemy factions the 1st flight masters are locked forever. In some cases, players reported that the meat is unlootable even if the flight master is in the base.

Also, the custom races are not dropping the items to turn in for horde/alliance rep increase.
Here is a gnome example of the quest -

Not sure if that would help, but it might be less time-consuming just to nerf everything down and make it a 10v10 man instance for the time being.

Pedant of Diplomacy should be disabled in Battlegrounds as I noticed I was able to read enemy factions /s and /y
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Re: Alterac Valley Improvements

Post by Zangatsu » Mon Feb 01, 2021 12:08 pm

Those are all decent suggestions, but as long as AV works and is playable I wouldn't want them to spend too much dev time on it.

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Re: Alterac Valley Improvements

Post by Jimmicz » Mon Feb 01, 2021 8:46 pm

Well, not everything over there works as it should

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Re: Alterac Valley Improvements

Post by Kalocsa » Wed Feb 03, 2021 6:17 pm

Since it reports bugs.

Empty Stables (horde side) When the tame has been done, the frostwolves turn into ice giants.

It's a minor texture assignation bug.
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Re: Alterac Valley Improvements

Post by Jimmicz » Wed Feb 03, 2021 11:14 pm

I think that's just how it works really.

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Re: Alterac Valley Improvements

Post by Jimmicz » Wed Feb 03, 2021 11:38 pm

AV QA Test Results
Trinket Quest - works

Capture a Mine - from NPCs and from Enemy Faction
When Horde mine is pulled from the side entrance the NPCs wayfinding is wrong. Also, Hunters pet acts funny inside the Horde mine
Kobold Respawn times are too fast, the number of mobs could be decreased.
Capturing works - Supplies lootable

Wing Commanders
Wing Commander Ichman gets killed straight away by NPCs when sent to Alliance base
Wing Commander Maveric gets killed straight away by NPCs when sent to Horde base
The above is probably by design, as I do think players should clear the base first before sending these Wing Commanders back to their base

Problem with looting items for, sometimes the item drops but nobody can't loot it.

Still not Tested
Wing Commander scripting -
Alliance Boss -

Works fine
Wolf / Ram Riders
Unit Upgrades
Troll boss summon -

Honor and reputation bonuses during the Alterac Valley holiday were not tested.

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