Class Suggestions

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Class Suggestions

Post by Vaereir » Sun Dec 20, 2020 1:27 am

1. I believe all races should be able to be hunters, just like all races should be able to be warriors. It's one of those classes I don't really see limited to any specific race due to it's purposeful nature from a lore perspective and how it could be plausible for any race to be a hunter (Undead even, for several different reasons such as being a hunter in their previous life.)

2. Every class should have some additional fluff added to their class which deepens the class fantasy for the players.

Like rogues having a useful disguise.

Mages having the ability to do low level lock picking.

Paladins having holy strike, even if it was an originally scrapped feature.

I'm not sure on the specifics of what class should get what, or how it should work.. But maybe I can throw out some rough examples that maybe people might like?

For example, druids are primarly focused on nature magic and forms. Forms are super important to a druid. It's the one thing that allows them to stand apart from other classes.. Now hear me out as I know I might catch a lot of flak for it - but what if druids got a flight form of sorts but instead of it being a regular form they can regularly go into, it's instead a casted ability on an hour cooldown that allows them X amount of time of flight.

There is a game I've played called Project Gorgon that does the same thing with their druids, instead it operates off your mana / energy and when you run out you can no longer fly. However, these two games are vastly different and I think this ability would have to be limited to a certain amount of flight time and on a long cooldown. This would allow for exploration on behalf of druids, and it would give them something more unique to their class.

Maybe priests could create something akin to a healthstone or mana gem that when used applies a HoT or a temporary shield without them being there. That they could give to players out of kindness, or even sell them for money.

Hunters could have an ability that temporarily allies a beast, that they target, in their immediate vicinity to aid them for a minute. Making hunters stronger in beast-populated areas.

Warriors could have an ability called 'Endure Pain' that temporarily raises their HP for X amount of time and is on a super long cooldown that allows them to go on one final rampage before possibly going down. (As if the buff falls off, and their remaining HP is less than what it granted; they die.)

Shamans could have an ability which allows them to commune with the elements within their region, which lets them change the weather in the zone to their liking. Not very useful, but interesting.

Warlocks already have a pretty deep class fantasy, but if I was to recommend something else maybe they could have a spell like 'Sacrifice' which is a self pseudo debuff which marks yourself as a bomb and upon the timer running out you explode. You die in the process but based on X you deal Y damage in a AoE to other mobs / players.

None of these are outright MY suggestions, but my just spitballing off the fly different things that could further deepen the class fantasy whilst still remaining true to the Vanilla feel.

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Re: Class Suggestions

Post by Mikeloss » Sat Apr 03, 2021 3:50 am

I so much See your Point here!
Also your examples sound wonderfull.
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Re: Class Suggestions

Post by Afaslizo » Sun Apr 04, 2021 8:51 am

Aside from the fact that those are not features from the past the old world is not build for flight so a flight form is the worst idea you can come up with. Most of the world is build in a way to conceal the empty terrain that is on top of most mountains. That is also the reason for those long and windy flightpaths because most of them can't go straight else they reveal the patchwork architecture. The other reason is the wish of Blizz to show their world(and showing emptiness would be bad for that as well).

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Re: Class Suggestions

Post by Thorbaldin » Mon Apr 05, 2021 7:28 pm

i m for all classes for all races rp lore is what you do with it

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Re: Class Suggestions

Post by Mephistopheles » Tue Apr 06, 2021 2:45 pm

While I understand where this is coming from, it's still a gamble we are somehow unsure to take, for now we are going to focus on other things, but there's always more room for class combos or spells, we just can't do something without a proper plan and for now some other things take priority, thank you for the suggestion.
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Re: Class Suggestions

Post by Rvindvnce » Sat Apr 17, 2021 8:33 am

Human hunters is the number one thing. Then human druids.
Maybe blizz deleted it to make people play Dwarves and Night elves, just like they later made Blood elves and Vulpera to make people play Horde.

Also Tauren shouldn't have been Horde all along, it just doesn't make any sense. But that's the whole other topic

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Re: Class Suggestions

Post by Thorbaldin » Sat Apr 17, 2021 11:39 pm

about class suggestion
some years ago Blizzard make a very bad april fool where it was question of bard class

it would be awesome if a server decide to create this class and think it would tickle blizzard a bit

something like a dps with build tree like melee/ranged/buff (think game master would imagine far better) i was just proposing the idea

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Re: Class Suggestions

Post by Ravielsk » Fri May 14, 2021 1:02 pm

Honestly I would love more class changes/tweaks on turtle WoW. Even if it may not be immediately super balanced its always better to have some new stuff than to just keep the same stagnant stuff that people have had 17 years to play with.

If nothing else I would love some class re-balancing to make certain builds(Moonkin, Feral druids) more viable or at least less tedious to play.

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Re: Class Suggestions

Post by Merikkinon » Fri May 14, 2021 2:20 pm

Mephistopheles wrote:
Tue Apr 06, 2021 2:45 pm
While I understand where this is coming from, it's still a gamble we are somehow unsure to take, for now we are going to focus on other things, but there's always more room for class combos or spells, we just can't do something without a proper plan and for now some other things take priority, thank you for the suggestion.
While all that stuff in the OP was really interesting, I want to see new dungeons and possibly a raid. But that's me.

I enjoy all the development.

The problem with getting into classes and changing the nature of things is that is exactly what happened with Blizzard and they got bent by the whims of every player and their pressure (as customers). This player wants that, that one wants this. Too many chefs, and the game fell apart. Hence why we are playing a derivation of classic. And every player will say, "oh, not my suggestions tho, I'm just talking about..." But the principle holds - everyone wants a version of the game that suits THEM and their dreams. There is actually a very good, acerbic video on youtube about this issue. While I don't agree with the creator's judgments about people, he does spot on nail how the game frayed and why private servers suffer with people wanting things their own way. This isn't an indictment of people who are being creative, but the reality is that many of us are and many of us would like to see things.

It's clear via the Blizzard model: the developers must hold to their own visions of the game, for the most part. They are the guardians of the nature of the game. Blizzard failed mightily in that.

All said and done, still a lot of cool suggestions in the forum.

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