Disabled quests to re-enable

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Disabled quests to re-enable

Post by Roxanneflowers » Wed Aug 19, 2020 3:43 pm

Alliance (Elwynn Forest):
Stolen Chest
James' Key
James Clark (NPC)

Horde (Tirisfal Glades):
Dark Cleric Salem's Chest

I'm thinking that there's an opportunity here for a Turtle WoW update to these quests to enable them. Ideally speaking, you could even make a set of 8 class quests for each faction so it isn't a "universal" quest that's the same for everyone who does it for their faction. Stuff like...

Rogues need to pick the NPC's pocket to get the key to the chest.
Warlocks need to be using Drain Soul to defeat him to get the key (don't need to get a Soul Shard, just have Drain Soul being channeled when you defeat the NPC).
Mages need to deal Fire damage, Frost damage and Arcane damage to the NPC in order to trigger the key drop upon defeat of the NPC.

... and so on. The key that drops from the NPC is "keyed" to the class of the PC, enabling a different reward type (being technically a different quest) from opening the Chest, thereby allowing the quest reward to be "tailored" to each class. You'd wind up with essentially 16 custom quests but with a substantial amount of copy/paste going on between their parameters for a "branching" styled set of quests that follow similar contours.

Just wanted to mention that's a bit of left over unused potential which someone could pick up and make use of with a custom content submission.

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