Turtle Shop Illusion tweak

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Turtle Shop Illusion tweak

Post by Schwrop » Tue Aug 04, 2020 8:40 pm

The illusion items from the Turtle Shop work splendidly on every class except the Druid.
Right now, casting a druid form cancels the illusion. Is it possible to make it so that:
  • the illusion stays active during the form shift,
  • the druid form overwrites the illusion model.
This way, when leaving the druid form, you would go back to having the illusion model.
Maybe this could be worked around in another way? If so, feel free to post ideas.

With the help of Shagu, we tried to make an addon that would let a macro cast the Illusion from the bag, upon leaving the form. After a long while of tinkering with scripts, we came to realize that this is not possible to achieve due to the limits of the "user-interaction". It's possible to do a macro that you have to click two times, but because the form cancelling and the illusion spell both have no GCD, the macro effects are inconsistent.

Maybe this whole issue is too small compared to the effort needed to tweak it. Maybe, if a considerate amount of people ask for this, it will be considered.

The issue with how the illusion works came from an interest in the lore of the Scythe of Elune.
A lore-friendly RP idea rose: "Druids of the Scythe".
Lore on "Scythe of Elune" and the origin of worgen:

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