On topic with Rogues / Hunters old shield-buckler wielding.

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On topic with Rogues / Hunters old shield-buckler wielding.

Post by Chiefolga » Fri Jul 31, 2020 11:25 am

Greetings again, I'll do it as short as I can this time.
As the title says, it would be neat to allow the old thing with Rogues and Hunters being able to wield shields.
That'll perhaps open a whole lot new type of gameplay for them, as well by increasing the viability of said classes capable to carry a shield everywhere.


A neatly addition of class-specific shields or plain elemental shields could potentially bring an entertaining way of leveling or going into dungeons, after all those who wears shields nowadays are bound to just tank, or be stat-sticks for the most.

Elemental shamans, holy paladins, half-fury half-defensive wars, or assassination rogues with shields that would potentially be "Okay" in terms of viability but not as much as the usual specs, trading off some damage for a little bit of elemental damage and resistances.
A class specific shield could look like this

As for rogues, shields should have less amount of armor than regular ones.

Or elemental shields for example nature.

https://dev.turtle-wow.org/#!/itemcreat ... Ik5VTEwiXQ

Fire there's already the Skullflame, but it's more tilted to be when struck and that kinda kills the gimmick.

Fun shields! interesting shields! there's so many un-used shields through the game that can easily be replaced with a simple recolor and be seeing more out in the world.

Or even enabling more options for those who wishes to pump out a little bit more of dps when going shockadines for example.

https://dev.turtle-wow.org/#!/itemcreat ... JOVUxMIl0=

Note: I don't know how to use the website, nor I though it too deeply, they might be too overpowered but I only desired to set up that suggestion, I'm 100% sure others can do a better job than me in creating elemental-aggressive focused shields and bucklers than me!

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