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Increased pet stable storage!

Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2020 10:50 pm
by Chlothar
Hi to all turtles out there.

I always thought it would be really cool to have more storage for pets at the stable to be prepared for every situation.
What do you think of having like 4 instead of only 2 stable boxes for your pets as a hunter?
I`d like to hear your oppinions about that.

Greetings Chlothar

Re: Increased pet stable storage!

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2020 7:04 pm
by Pompa
Sadly that would probably need a client patch, I'd be ok increasing the size, though. :)

Re: Increased pet stable storage!

Posted: Fri Apr 17, 2020 5:31 am
by Korkis
Maybe hunter's pets can be made summonable, like warlock's ones (spell), or like non-combats (item)? The list of "best" pets is known and limited, so then maybe some of them could be implemented like that, and obtained from custom hunter class quests.

Re: Increased pet stable storage!

Posted: Fri Apr 17, 2020 7:08 am
by Sinrek
Hunter class was supposed to have ONE pet and only after long debates did Blizzard cave in for the second pet to appeal for the broader audience since hunters used to have some kiting/tanking for some seconds capabilities.

Please keep up to those heart choices the wild animals are allowing you to bond with care and responsibilities.

We don't want hunters to become an entrepreneur moving zoo. They should be able to stick to 3 pets in total.

Re: Increased pet stable storage!

Posted: Tue Jan 19, 2021 1:54 pm
by Editserver
I had the same thought and came here to make this suggestion myself since I started playing a hunter lately.

Personally I don't see a downside for anyone by introducing a feature that allows hunters to have more than 2 pets (yes you can have 3 but you need one slot to learn skills). The problem right now in my eyes is that you have to have 2 pets (one for raids and one for pvp) and are therefor limited in trying out other pets cause you have not enough slots to do so while also being able to get new skills.

Maybe it could be implemented in a way that you make certain stable masters separated by each other. So hunters have to manage where they stable their pets and not just increase the total slot size of all stable masters.

That's my two cents, cause I would really try out more pets.

Re: Increased pet stable storage!

Posted: Sat Jan 30, 2021 10:44 am
by Cervantes
If there is a way to increase the amount of pets we have at the stable or other means I'm all for this. Experimenting with the pets in the game and how they play would be easier with a few more spaces.

With the extra room I bet more hunter's would go to tame the rarer pets out there in the wild.
You will always have that favourite pet but why not add a bit of flavour to the hunter.

"Gotta catch them all"