Pet-oriented sets

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Pet-oriented sets

Post by Powrhouser » Tue Sep 19, 2023 9:46 am

With the addition of Turtle WoW-unique raids, a golden opportunity exists to shine light on previously poorly-explored and underdeveloped talent trees through the use of armor set bonuses. In particular, I want to talk about Beast Mastery hunter. Pets fall off so extremely hard in the endgame that they are hardly worth the investment since they do not scale with gear. Warlock can somewhat get away with this due to the sheer survivability demonology provides through pets, but BM hunter really doesn't have a place. A simple addition could fix this however; an armor set that scales a pet's stats by a percentage of the hunter's own stats. It doesn't have to be every stat mind you, and a "glass cannon" approach could be adopted, such as a pet's damage scaling partially with a hunter's agility (which could also benefit survival/BM hunters as a build). All in all, it would only take one small implementation to make a specialization viable, and I believe a new armor set bonus is ideal. While I personally don't believe warlock needs something like this too, it would still be an interesting inclusion, perhaps even a set bonus that changes depending on the warlock's equipped demon, allowing meme builds like black book rapid fire implock to see more play. After all, if Turtle WoW is Classic+, expanding on not just the lore but the gameplay will bring in a plethora of diverse playstyles where people can truly have fun with it and not burn out as easily.

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Re: Pet-oriented sets

Post by Bigsmerf » Tue Sep 19, 2023 11:46 am

Fun idea. I'd at least love to see some more pieces with pet stats, like the beast master gear. Not just late game too. Hunters do rely heavily on their pet in early game and levelling so having some pet focused gear would be cool. Now,I think beast mastery is already a pretty viable spec simply for being attached to the hunter class, but that's a topic for another day.
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